Worship Interludes

Rest for the Soul | Piano Instrumental [Episode 211, March 3, 2010]

“Rest for the Soul” – Piano Instrumental Improvisation for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Relaxation

I can’t really explain why, but I’ve been exhausted recently. It feels like no amount of sleep is enough and I’m tired throughout the day. Typically I would blame this on my diet and exercise but I’ve been very consistent in this area. My diet is better and more disciplined than it’s been in years as well as my commitment to exercise. I’ve actually lost 22 pounds since January.

Sometimes, our bodies simply need rest. Last night I went to bed at 8:50 PM. Everything in my mind kept telling me it was crazy to go to bed so early. Yet, I was tired and had been tired all day long. According to the sleep tracker on my trusty FitBit watch, I feel asleep very quickly. A friend of mine who usually exercises with us in the early morning hours didn’t show up this morning and he said the same thing – he was just exhausted and needed to rest.

Our bodies were not meant to be going full speed at all times. We need rest. Not just daily rest, but weekly rest. That’s why God created the sabbath. In today’s culture, sabbath may look very different than in the past. Yet, I believe with all of my heart that we should be intentional about rest.

Today’s interlude is simply called “Rest for the Soul” and it’s a relatively short interlude. The thing I love about the short interludes is your ability to pause for a few short minutes in a busy day and find a moment of peace and rest.

That is my desire for each and every one of you today.

May you find rest for your soul.

Grace and peace,
Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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Dreams & Visions | Piano Instrumental Music [Episode 210, February 25, 2020]

“Dreams & Visions” – Piano Music for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Relaxation, Mindfulness

Today’s episode features my customized patches from the “Sunday Sounds” assortment of sounds. I layer these in with my solo piano to provide a soundscape that is ethereal, relaxing, and continuous.

As I was improvising this morning in my morning devotion I was thinking about dreams and visions. I believe that these still happen. I also believe that we miss so many opportunities to experience them because we don’t stop our busy lives and simply be still and listen.

That’s exactly what this episode of the Worship Interludes Podcast is about. Take time, slow down, and listen. I hope that it inspires you and gives you hope and dreams.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Listen to “Dreams & Visions” Instrumental Music

Watch the “Dreams & Visions” Video

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Goodness of God | Piano Background Music [Episode 209, February 21, 2020]

“Goodness of God” – Piano Instrumental for Prayer, Soaking Worship, Meditation, Quiet Time, and Rest

Today’s piano improvisation was inspired by a long, personal post that I shared on my personal Facebook profile today. This week marks a two year anniversary of a major transition and trial in my business life. It was one of the scariest times I’ve experienced and now that I’m reflecting on this two years later, I’m so grateful for the goodness and faithfulness of God.

I chose to add a video element on the video version of this episode. In this video loop, courtesy of DreamBackgrounds, you can hear the water on the shore and there is a constant sound of wind on the microphone. As an audiophile I didn’t want that wind noise. Yet, the more I worked on editing that audio the more I grew to love the sound of that background noise. It’s real. And life is real. Transitions are real. Trials are real. Sometimes, the wind is blowing.

One thing I know for sure. God is good. He is faithful.

Take time if you’d like to read the long, heartfelt post I shared on my social media. Listen to this piece and hopefully it draws you into a secret place of gratitude and contentment.

Listen to “Goodness of God” Piano Improvisation


Watch the “Goodness of God” Piano Instrumental Video

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