The Best Format for Lyric Projection

The projection of lyrics in church has become quite normal, even in many traditional environments.  The issue of how we project lyrics and the best format was brought to my attention a few weeks ago in my post where I invited you to submit your questions. This question comes from faithful blog reader, Bill Horn:…

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Pinterest: Is It Really Worth It?

Pinterest is one of the latest social media sharing sites that have evolved over the past year.  I’ve noticed that Pinterest has picked up a lot of steam and has attracted lots of new users. My first impression of Pinterest was that it was nothing more than a pinboard for ladies to look at pretty…

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Verizon iPhone Text, MMS, and Visual Voicemail Mystery Solved

  For the past several weeks I’ve been trying to figure out an ongoing issue with my Verizon iPhone 4s.   Today I stumbled upon the resolution and wanted to blog about it here so that others can find the answer. The Symptoms: * message failures when attempting to send MMS, group text messages, or pic…

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