Ready. AIM. Fired? (Connection Problems with AIM service)

Hey Gang, As a guy who is admittedly online way too much, I’m connected to my friends, co-workers, family, and business contacts through a number of social media tools. Although I frequently use Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, I still have a great contact list on the old instant messaging network from AOL, known as “AIM”.  …

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Introducing MultiTracks.Com

Hey Gang, My friend Phillip Edwards, founder of InteractiveWorshipLive.Com has just announced a huge change for their site.  They have changed their name and site to MultiTracks.Com and have some great things happening.  There are giveaways, free multitrack loops, discounts, training videos, and more. I frequently purchase and use their MultiTracks for Ableton Live to…

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6 Ways I’ve Used the iPad2 in Worship and Studio

I announced a while back that I’d finally taken the plunge to purchase an iPad2.  I confessed that it was much more of a luxury item than a necessity.  Now that I’ve used it for a couple of months, I’ve realized just how much I’ve missed by not having it sooner. Here are 6 ways…

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