Worship Interludes

Time to Listen | Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 268]

“Time to Listen” – Peaceful, Relaxing Solo Piano Music for Prayer, Meditation, Reflection, Relaxing Last night I was listening to an Atlanta Braves baseball game on the radio. In between innings there was a commercial which was a short devotion by a pastor. The short 30-second devotion reminded us that God often speaks in a…

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At Peace | Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 267]

“At Peace” – Solo Piano Improvisation Background Music for Prayer, Meditation, Relaxation, Worship I decided to forego the pads and extra layers of sound this morning and just record the pure, simple piano. The Key of Eb is one of my favorite keys and is where I began. This morning was a sweet time of…

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Pursuit | Piano Instrumental Music [Episode #266]

“Pursuit” – Piano Instrumental Interlude for Prayer, Meditation, Relaxation, Worship, Mindfulness Welcome to episode #266 of my Worship Interludes Podcast. This episode is called “Pursuit” and is in the key of G-minor. The interlude lasts nearly eight minutes. I suppose it’s the nature of the minor key and the melody that came forth as I…

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