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From @fmckinnon on Instagram
  • Lucky for these wild hogs I would rather have venison than bacon tonight.
  • Don’t mind if I do ...
  • THANKS for all that love and support of my new Christmas 🎄 album!  First time I’ve ever been in iTunes Charts and first time I’ve ever been on the Billboard Magazine charts! 🙌 #instrumentalchristmas  #merrychristmas #instrumentalmusic #pianomusic
  • What the nativity scene may have looked like today. 📷 @lifelinemissions
  • The drought is over!  Atlanta finally gets a championship!  #altlantaunited #mlscup @atlutd
  • Here’s a first (for me). Just got contacted by Billboard Magazine - apparently this little Christmas album “may” be charting in Billboard on Monday so I’ve been asked to send over confirmation of a bunch of details on the album.  Thanks to all for the support!  #merrychristmas #instrumentalchristmas
  • My office tonight was quite festive.  3 hours of Christmas 🎄 piano 🎹 on a classic Steinway & Sons grand piano for the wonderful members of @sea_island - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! 🎅

God is always there.  He has plans, answers, direction, and things to say to us.  But sometimes ... many times ... He will wait.  He will wait to see if we engage with Him.  I’ve seen it over and over in Scripture. 
In this verse He waits until Moses decides to turn aside and come near the bush BEFORE He speaks.  He could’ve yelled for Him - after all, He’d already set a bush on fire 🔥. Some translations add a little nuance to make it clear that by turning aside to investigate the burning bush that he was ignoring his flock. (The Amplified version adds “I must turn away [from the flock]”) In Mark chapter 6 we read about the disciples in the boat and they saw Jesus walking on the water.  It says “he would have passed them by” - but they called out to Him and He came to them. 
I can’t help but believe that sometimes God is wanting us to stop what we are doing and “turn aside” to Him.  I think He sometimes [figuratively] walks right by us - within eyesight - within our grasp - with treasures of revelation - and waiting for us to call out to Him ... and I wonder how many times we miss what He wanted to do for us because we just allowed him to walk right past - clueless and unaware. 
I wonder if Blind Bartimaeus would have received his sight had he not cried out to Jesus - would Jesus have walked on by?

Oddly enough, my favorite Ferris Beuller quote comes to mind: “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open - because this life we live in this world moves pretty fast - and sometimes the Creator of it all is right next to us, and we can miss it. 
#morningdevotion #journal
  • BOOM!  Not one, but two official trademark registrations in hand for my e-biz brands.  This year-long process is finally over just in time!

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  1. Hi Fred,
    I am subscribed to Worship Interludes. Im a worship leader in Massachusetts; but I live in Connecticut just over the state line. Really appreciate the Interludes so much! They help me take a moment to “breathe” and collect myself. Tonight I’m listening to the March episode as I get ready to drift off for a peaceful sleep before church. Thanks for serving God in a way that reaches me way up here.
    God bless,

    Jamie Burnsides last blog post..Daily Games & Free Trials

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