Worship Interludes: Rains [Episode 32, May 25, 2017]

It’s rained here for the past several days.   There were times when, in the middle of the day, it was raining so hard that it was dark outside.

Rain is often a metaphor in our lives and even in our spiritual walk.   Rain can signify blessings.  It can signify washing away.  It can also signify trials and storms.

I created this interlude as part of a “Personal Disciplines Kickstart” program for my church.   It’s a short, e-mail based program that sends out short devotional videos to encourage us in personal disciplines like Bible study, prayer, worship, and meditation.

I hope as you listen you can find time to think about the rain – whether it’s a much-needed answer to prayer in your life or signs of storms on the horizon.   Take it in, breathe it in, and find peace.

Worship Interludes: Fresh Start [Episode 31, May 22, 2017]

Today is a Monday.   The thing I like about Monday is that it’s considered the start of my week.   A new start means a new chance.  As you listen to today’s interlude, I hope that you’ll meditate and think about the various goals, plans, and desires you have.  Perhaps you’ve failed miserably in the past few days and you want a fresh start.  Let today be your day for a fresh start.