Worship Interludes: After Irma [Episode 50, Sept 19, 2017]

I’d hoped to do something very special for the 50th episode of my “Worship Interludes” podcast but I never dreamed it would be a tribute composition and video from our experience the past week with Hurricane Irma.

Our area was impacted in a significant way by the hurricane.  As I did not evacuate we found ourselves in the middle of the cleanup and recovery efforts.   It was extremely rewarding to be able to serve the community with my family and friends.

I had a strong desire to compose a piano instrumental from this experience and I’m happy to share with you episode #50, “After Irma”.

Worship Interludes: Peace Be Still (Pre Hurricane Irma) [Episode 49, Sept 7, 2017]

Today’s interlude is called “Peace, Be Still”.   Hurricane Irma is a major hurricane that is ripping through the Caribbean and is threatening Florida, Georgia and the southern US.    We are still a few days away from having the impact of this storm and her path is uncertain.   Nevertheless, people here are already getting stressed, anxious, and worried.   Mandatory evacuations have been ordered and it’s hard to not get caught up in the frenzy of hysteria and worry.

I recorded this today in hopes that people would take six minutes to take a deep breath, slow down, breathe, and just say “peace, be still”.

I continue to pray that this storm veers north and goes out to sea.  In the meantime, we exercise caution and make plans and preparations.    In the midst of the turmoil there is a peace that we can find and I hope this interlude helps you find it.