Worship Interludes: Determination [Episode 46, August 9, 2017]

Determination:  we need it in life.  Whether you are determined to make a goal, to resolve a problem, or to get back on track … getting the right mindset is so important.   In many cases, sheer will power is never enough.   The cares of life will quickly drag us away from the things that we are determined to do.   That is why taking time to be still and reflect is so important.

Today’s interlude is a bit more update and happy.  It’s meant to lift you and give you a positive outlook on the things in your life that you are determined to push through.

God bless!

Worship Interludes: Stones [Episode 45, August 7, 2017]

Stones.   Young David in the Bible used a stone and a sling to conquer the feared giant, Goliath.   Stones.  Some in the Bible used them to execute justice on sinners who violated the Law.   Once, Jesus even rescued a woman who was about to be stoned to death.   She’d actually committed a crime that was punishable by stoning in that culture yet he drew some mysterious something on the ground and simply said “let whoever is without sin be the first one to throw a stone”.   (John 8:7, paraphrased)

Stones are like words.   They can be used to rescue but they can also be used to judge.  Stones, like words, may seem insignificant.  If you throw them into a lake they just sink to the bottom; yet, there is a ripple effect that extends far beyond the reach of the actual stone.

I’ve taken a short break from recording these interludes as I worked to release the first compilation of interludes into an album.   Now as I begin a new week I have been questioning my own words, my own actions, my own reactions, and how they impact others.   It’s a sobering thought.

My hope is that as you listen, you will be moved to consider these things.