Do You Periscope?

Hey Friends,

Summer has faded and we’re in the frantic pace of “back-to-school” at the McKinnon household. Hope everything is going smoothly for you.

periscope-logoToday I downloaded and installed the Periscope app on my iPhone.  I’ve been hearing about this new live video streaming app from Twitter.   I thought it was pretty cool and could be a fun way to engage with family, friends, and those who follow my music.

If you’re a Periscope user, follow me @fmckinnon (same as my Twitter handle) and comment below so that I can follow you back.

I hope to do some casual interviews and maybe share some music ideas this way.  I hope you’ll join me!

Oh, by the way — I was playing around with the app and shot my first little video at my office.  Little did I realize that it would “tweet” that I was live and was surprised that people actually jumped online with me immediately.  Here’s a quick look:

More to come soon!


Sunday Morn (Video)

“Sunday Morn” is one of my recordings from an unrehearsed time of playing. I don’t have an exact date of recording and assume this was recorded one Sunday Morning, hence the name. Because of the spontaneous nature of the composition, it’s more free flowing and less structured than some of my compositions that are thoughtfully composed and arranged. Hope you enjoy this one.

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Cover image photo by Sebastian Gabriel, graciously used with permission from