Worship Interludes: Stay the Course [Episode 16, March 27, 2017]

Oh how good it is to be back home, in the studio, and playing the piano.  I spent the last week in Vegas with my wife and I could use this short interlude as much as anyone.

While on the trip we took a helicopter excursion to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  I took the picture featured in this podcast with my phone from a rim where we landed for a short dinner picnic.   The sun was setting and it was stunning.   As I marveled at the layers of rock that had been cut away from the winding river I thought to myself “stay the course”.    This beauty was created through the pressure and erosion.  Both of those processes, to us humans, is quite painful.   When we’re battered by the winds of live and the floods of water forcing us into places we didn’t want to go — I’m reminded that we have to stay the course and believe that in the end, all things will be beautiful.

Enjoy this interlude.  As I played it I realized it was ending in F minor and I considered lifting it into a major key for resolution but I realized that as long as the wind is blowing and the floods of life cut away at our paths, there will always be some minor key.   So the tension felt at the end is to encourage you to stay the course.  Keep praying.  Keep dreaming.  Keep fighting.  Don’t give up.  Ever.

Worship Interludes: Carry [with Russ Hutto, Guest Artist]

Today’s Worship Interlude is provided by Russ Hutto, a guest artist for the Worship Interludes podcast.

From Russ:

Today as I sat down to play I was reminded of an old worship chorus that I wore out when I was just a young worship leader learning to play chords and sing at the same time. It was a simple chorus that I could almost play on auto-pilot while worshiping.

Although this is not directly an arrangement of that song, as I sat and played, I felt that neat rush of enjoyment that I remember as a young man when learning to use music to worship my God. It was as if the Lord took me away, back to one of those “first love” times in my youth.

My prayer is that this simple chord progression, with a little piano freestyle will bless you as the Lord desires to carry you into the fullness of His love.

Russ Hutto is a worship leader who wears several other hats: author, social media marketer, and graphic designer. You can peek into his other heart project, Marching Band Is Awesome (a community of over 150 thousand band kids, young and old, spread across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat), where he spends his time supporting, celebrating and showcasing the marching and music arts like marching band, winter guard, drum corps, concert band, and jazz band. for more instrumental music: http://bit.ly/MBIAmusic

 Find Russ Hutto on:
Twitter:  @russhutto
Facebook:  Facebook.com/RussHutto

In addition to being an amazing musician, Russ Hutto is also an accomplished author, under the pen name, “RK Slade”.   Check out his music-themed fiction novel on Amazon.