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Soaking | Piano Instrumental [Episode 86, June 21, 2018]

EmailPrintSoaking – Piano Instrumental “Soaking” – there are so many ways to think of this word.  You may think of soaking in sunshine, in a warm bath, or in the peace and tranquility of a peaceful river.   Perhaps you think of soaking under a waterfall, or the sound of ocean waves.   In some religious circles,...

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Watching and Waiting | Piano Instrumental [Episode 85, June 19, 2018]

EmailPrintWatching and Waiting – Piano Instrumental “Watching and Waiting”  – sometimes, there is nothing more to do but watch and wait.   As I recorded this piano instrumental today I was feeling a sense of expectancy, as if there was something on the horizon.   Take a  few minutes out of your busy day to listen.  As...

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In The Night Hours | Piano Instrumental [Episode 84, June 13, 2018]

EmailPrintIn The Night Hours – Piano Instrumental “In the Night Hours” is a contemplative, relaxing piano instrumental composed by Fred McKinnon.   This episode is #84 of the “Worship Interludes Podcast” which is an instrumental podcast for prayer, meditation, and relaxation.   This piece is in the key of G-minor and has a beautiful, yet haunting melody....

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Morning Peace – Piano Instrumental [Episode 83, June 9, 2018]

EmailPrintMorning Peace – Piano Instrumental for Meditation, Prayer, Relaxation “Morning Peace”  is a solo piano instrumental.  I recorded this on a lazy Saturday morning (June 9, 2018) in my home studio.   It was recorded as another episode (#83) of the Worship Interludes Podcast. This podcast was created to provide peaceful, soothing instrumental music for prayer, meditation,...

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Lift Up Your Head | Piano Instrumental [Episode 82, June 4, 2018]

EmailPrintLift Up Your Head – Piano Instrumental for Meditation, Prayer, Relaxation Episode #82 of the Worship Interludes Podcast A few days ago I was relaxing in my back yard by our swimming pool.    As I lay there looking up towards the sky I noticed a large tree in our back yard that was completely...

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In Remembrance (Based on Taps) | A Memorial Day Tribute [Episode 81, May 28, 2018]

EmailPrint“In Remembrance” (Based on Taps) – A Memorial Day Tribute Today’s interlude was recorded early in the morning on May 28, 2018 – Memorial Day.   This is a day in the United States where we honor and remember those who have fallen.  We humbly and respectfully recognize those soldiers who paid the ultimate price for...

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