In Moments Like These

Hey friends!

Happy Monday.  It’s the last week of school in the McKinnon household so we are excited to be on the home stretch of the 2015 school year.

I’d like to kick off this week by sharing some music with you.   Here’s my rendition of a classic worship chorus, “In Moments Like These” from my piano instrumental album, “Be Glorified”.

A few interesting facts about this album:

  • It’s one of my older albums, recorded and produced in 1998.
  • I recorded it on a Yamaha grand piano with 2 microphones being mixed directly to DAT (Digital Audio Tape).  No mistakes allowed.
  • The piano was draped in blankets to help with the acoustic in the room.
  • I finished filling out the “UPS Next Day Air” waybill and packing the CD Master to be sent to the replicator, literally, as the pastor was telling my father and I, “Fred, it’s time to go .. right now” …. that’s right, it was my wedding day.   I had an event where I would be performing in about 3 weeks and knew that if I didn’t have this CD in replication while I was on my honeymoon, the CDs wouldn’t be ready for the event.  So, I shoved the UPS Next Day Air envelope into the hands of my Dad (and best man) and said “whatever you do, make sure this gets in the drop box” and we went into the church and I got married!

Hope you enjoy the song.  The entire album is available on iTunes and Amazon.Com.

Reflections: Take 1 Completed!

Hey Gang,

THANK YOU for those who tuned in for the first-ever live “Reflections” broadcast on my YouTube channel.   I felt like it went very well with the exception that our A/C in the studio was blowing 80 degree air right on top of me.

Although it’s meaningful to have some of you tuned in during the live broadcast, it’s archived so if you missed it you can still view the archived video below or on my YouTube channel.

I’ve noticed that the sound of the piano sort of chops off some – not sure if that’s part of the video compression or some of the technology but will continue to tweak it to make it sound better hopefully.

Remember:  this world that we live in has a hectic, stressful pace.  It’s good to pull aside and be still … listen … reflect.