Worship Interludes

Enjoy Fred’s weekly “Worship Interludes” Podcast Episodes below:
Free flowing, soothing, calm piano instrumentals for prayer, worship, meditation, relaxation, rest, study music, and contemplation.   Listen below or Subscribe in iTunes

Worship Interludes: Mysteries [Episode 67, February 27, 2018]

Today’s interlude is going to be different, in case you haven’t noticed.   I’ve added another layer of sound with the acoustic...

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Worship Interludes: Restoration [Episode 66, February 22, 2018]

Yesterday I was talking to some friends about the word “Restore” and “Restoration”.   This is a word that I’m focusing on...

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Worship Interludes: Determination [Episode 65, February 13, 2018]

Today’s interlude is called “Determination”.   There are days when we remind ourselves about what is at stake.   We think to ourselves,...

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