Sunday Setlists #2 – Share Your Setlist Link

Hey Everyone,

Last week I launched the first “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival and many of you got involved. The idea is that you post your setlist, worship confessional, and/or worship recap on your blog, facebook notes, etc., link back here to the “Sunday Setlists” post for the week, and fill out the “Mister Linky” below to link back to your site.

The Rules
Each Sunday, I’ll post a recap of our Sunday Setlist. It may be a Worship Confessional video or a “textfessional” (a written setlist). You are encouraged to do the same thing. As a matter of fact, if your worship pastor doesn’t blog, feel free to post a recap for your church .. you don’t have to be the leader!

1. Post your blog entry with your Sunday Setlist recap. Note, you don’t have to be the worship leader or pastor. You can just be a person who attended the church service, we’re still interested in knowing what happened. Don’t have a blog, but have a FaceBook? Post a “note” on FaceBook.

2. In your blog, you must link back to this post (this most current Sunday Setlist, not the original one from last week) and indicate that you are posting your setlist as part of the “Sunday Setlists” theme.

Feel free to copy and paste this description:
“This week’s recap of songs is posted in collaboration with other worship leaders on the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at”.
(Note, if you don’t post back to today’s link in your blog, it won’t work.
You should link to

3. After posting your blog, fill out the “Mr. Linky” form below, with your name, and the URL to your “Sunday Setlist” blog entry. (please don’t just link to your blog’s homepage, or the link will be deleted – the idea is that we can all easily click over and see your setlist).

(Note: despite #3, many folks didn’t read and posted a link to their blog’s homepage, NOT their Sunday Setlist post. These links won’t work, and will be removed, sorry!)

4. Leave a comment below letting us know you’re participating.

OK, so follow da rules, follow da rules, follow da rules, and please … spread the word. Don’t forget, the idea is to visit all the sites in the Mister Linky and see what others are doing in their worship services.
As for me … I’m on vacation, and we’re lounging around, trying to decide where/when/if we’re going to make it to a church this morning. I’ll come back and post my Setlist experience, and I’ll let Shannon (and/or the rest of the folks at SSCC) post a recap of the services back home.

OK … let’s go for it!

Sunday Setlists, Week 2 is now concluded. Below are the participants and links:

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Tyler (Night of Worship)
2. David Lindner
3. Billy Chia
4. Jon Morris
5. Ben Abu Saada
6. Rick Scheibner
7. Gary Durbin
8. Jim Drake
9. Steve Lowe
10. Bobby Gilles
11. Mike
12. Ryan Egan
13. Russ Hutto
14. Paul Joseph
15. Matt Stevens
16. Mandy Conforth (Granger)
17. Wayne Thomas
18. Peter Green
19. JonWesley Barnhill (FBC Key Largo)
20. Jeff M. Miller
21. Michelle Weger
22. HL McConnell

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