Sunday Setlists #5 – Post Your Worship Experience

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It’s time for “Sunday Setlists” – a blog carnival where I share our worship experience and encourage you to do the same.  It’s a great way to network and share our ideas, song lists, and worship experiences with other leaders and people of faith.

The rules are necessary for this to work, so please follow them EXACTLY:

1.  Post your worship recap, worship confessional, setlist, etc., on your blog.
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Simple enough?  Go for it.

Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, 8/24/08

Open:  “Everyday” (Hillsongs, Lincoln Brewster Arrangement)
Song 1:  “No Other Name” (Todd Fields, NorthPoint)
Song 2:  “Be Unto Your Name” (from Robin Mark, Revival in Belfast)
Song 3:  “Jesus Paid it All” (NorthPoint Live Arr.)
Song 4:  “How He Loves Us” (Kim Walker, Jesus Culture)

We did our version of “Cardboard Testimonies” this week and it was incredible.  Though I’ve rehearsed it 3x prior to our Sunday services, I nearly fell apart on stage as I watched people I love being impacted by the testimonies we showed.  It went incredibly well in both services – lots of swollen, red, puffy eyes after each service.

Watch our Worship Confessional video for the details!


It’s your turn now!

*Mr. Linky is now closed – thanks to these worship leaders and worshipers who shared their confessionals and service recaps:

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Billy Chia
2. Jay Sellers
3. Amanda
4. Jim Drake
5. Chris Harrison
6. dorothy (vicar of vibe)
7. brent(inworship)
8. Jon Morris
9. HL McConnell
10. Randy Neufeld
11. Jake Gehret
12. jon mark
13. Jeff M. Miller
14. Christopher Culver
15. Gary Durbin
16. Alastair Vance
17. Mike Mahoney
18. Bobby Gilles
19. Klampert (CECWorship)
20. Michelle Weger- Collision at Mandarin UMC
21. Rob Petrini
22. Paul Joseph
23. Rich Kirkpatrick(RKWL)
24. Russ Hutto
25. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
26. Steve Sprecker
27. Matt Stevens
28. Holland Davis
29. Mark Roach
30. Pat Callahan
31. Mandy (Granger..finally)
32. JoNWesley Barnhill (FBC Key Largo)
33. Mike Miller (FUMC Alexandria LA)
34. Courtney Feia
35. Brandon Teer
36. Ed Schief
37. John Morris
38. James
39. HL McConnell

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