Sunday Setlists #6 – What Happened at YOUR Church Service?

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Sunday Setlist, August 31 2008 for St. Simons Community Church

Our Sunday was awesome – we had “Church in the Park” – down by the beach.  Although it was very hot and humid, we had a nice breeze and the tropical storms had a nice churn in the water – you could sing and hear the waves crashing into the rocks just behind you.

We did some extra music today since we had only one service.  I’d say well over 1,000+ were there, spread out all over the park.  The sound and the sermon were great.  Right now, I’m hot, tired, dehydrated, sticky, stinky, and ready to shower and rest … so here goes the quick recap:

Walk-Up Music:
You, You Are God (my arrangement from Worship Under the Stars)
I’m Not Ashamed (Tommy Walker, used by “steel drums” patch!)

Opening Set:
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman/Redman)
Lord The Lord

Second Set:
This Is My Father’s World (this was a blast, I played some old-school, jazzy piano, and the praise team led it vocally, no other musicians)
You Have Made Me Glad

I Will Never Be The Same Again (Hillsongs)

A great day, and I know Mr. Moncus took some great photos that we’ll be able to share at a later date.

Time for you to share!

Mr. Linky is now closed – thanks to these who shared their worship confessionals and recaps:

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Gary Durbin
2. HL McConnell
3. Billy Chia
4. Wayne Thomas
5. Mike
6. Jim Drake
7. Amanda
8. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
9. brent(inworship)
10. Alastair Vance
11. Jon Morris
12. James (@englishguy)
13. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
14. Angela Ramsey
15. Peter Green
16. Sunny Cain
17. Bobby Gilles (Sojourn Music)
18. Kim Bontrager
19. Courtney Feia
20. Jeff M. Miller
21. Beth Brawley
22. Matt Stevens
23. Rob Petrini
24. Kyle Campos
25. John Morris
26. jon mark
27. JonWesley Barnhill (FBC Key Largo)
28. Paul Joseph
29. Rich Kirkpatrick
30. Ed Schief
31. Michelle Weger – Collision
32. Brandon Teer
33. Randy Neufeld
34. Jamey Ketchum
35. WorshipCity
36. Steve Lowe
37. Mark Roach
38. Randy Neufeld (reposted)

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