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*** Sunday Setlist #7 for St. Simons Community Church, Sept 7, 2008 ***

We had a shortened setlist for worship this morning because we are presenting two new Elders to our church this morning.  In our church, the leadership appoints Elders based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and their qualifications, based on Scripture.  They are then presented to the congregation for a two week period so that if anyone has reason that they should not be Elders, they have an opportunity to express it.  In addition to that, we are having our “1st Sunday of the month” FamJam service, so both main auditorium services need to be kept at one hour or less.

TONIGHT we’re having a “Night of Worship” at SSCC – and I’m very excited.  We’ve practiced 8+ hours this week alone for it, and I’ll post a more thorough recap of the “Night of Worship” later this week.

Opening:  “Glorious” (Martha Munnizzi)
Song 1:  “See His Love” (Tim Hughes)
Song 2:  “How Great is Our God” (Tomlin)

Closer:  “God Of This City”
It’s our first time singing “God of This City”, and it closes out a sermon dedicated to us being “salt and light” in our city.  Pastor David is issuing a challenge even now, and we’re partnering with a church on the mainland to rebuild and repair a couple of homes on the mainland, among other things.

Our tech crew worked hard all week capturing video footage (from land and air!) of our city and the accompanying video is powerful!

OK, so here’s where you share.  Blog about your worship service, link back to this post, fill out the Mr. Linky to your actual “Sunday Setlist” post, and leave a comment!

Mr. Linky is now closed – thanks to these people who participated:

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. David Lindner
2. Jon Morris – I\’m 2nd!
3. HL McConnell
4. Jim Drake (I\’m Fourth–No medal for me)
5. Billy Chia
6. Gary Durbin
7. Mike Mahoney
8. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
9. Janaki
10. Ed Schief
11. Amanda
12. Wayne Thomas
13. Angela Ramsey
14. Steve (that close to top 10)
15. Jake Gehret
16. Kyle Campos
17. Randy Neufeld
18. Bobby Gilles
19. Paul Joseph
20. Worship City (After Gustav)
21. Jan Owen
22. Peter Park
23. Ryan Egan
24. Kim Bontrager
25. jon mark
26. Jamey Ketchum
27. Jeff M. Miller
28. Klampert (CECWorship)
29. beth
30. Matt Stevens
31. Russ Hutto
32. James (@englishguy)
33. Sunny Cain
34. Rob Petrini
35. Michelle Weger
36. Brandon Teer
37. Rich Kirkpatrick
38. windbag
39. John Morris
40. Steve Lowe
41. Courtney Feia
42. Mark Roach
43. Acomplia online
44. Moldova map
45. Ed Schief
46. Cynthia Cullen

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  • Hey Gang –
    This is so awesome, keep’em coming … I realize it takes many of us several days to get the time to recap our service … so that’s why the links are open for 1+ week!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  • Hey… late again! I’m looking to be #50 next week, so we’ll see how that goes! 🙂

    Mark Roachs last blog post..worship confessional (9.07.08)

  • Mark,
    What’s that “A Thousand Hallelujahs” tune? (grin)

    RE: IEM:
    I know the feeling. A couple of suggestions that I’m sure you’ve already heard a thousand times:

    1 – get some ambient mics, not just for the crowd, but for the stage, if possible.

    We have two really nice mics – they are discreetly placed on the front of the stage, they capture both the noise on the stage and the crowd singing, and are panned stereo in my ears.

    Also – be very careful doing one ear in, one ear out. I love to do that, until I started getting the hard facts of hearing loss from multiple technicians and audiologists. In almost every case you will run the volume way louder in that one ear than if you had both ears going.

    My FOH runs my IEM in stereo as well, though, and we’ve been battling RF interference – I’m the ONLY ONE who gets it … and it’s bad. They have switched out my receiver pack multiple times, and have tried every possible frequency. Somebody else wears that same pack and has no issues. I wear it, and get fizz in and out. Maybe I’ve got something in my body the radio frequencies don’t like! Plus, we’re running really nice sennheiser units, and I have the Shure e5 w/ custom molds from Sensaphonics … so it’s great … I just can relate to missing the “room”, though, even WITH the ambient mics … it’s not the same.

    Thanks for doing Sunday Setlists each week – #50 next week is quite a goal – I hope we hit #50!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  • It was a memorable day – I loved it!

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