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***** Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, Oct. 5, 2008 *****

It was my first time back on the stage in three weeks – the past two Sundays Joy and I have been in Mexico.  It was great to be back.

Walk-In Song:  “For All You’ve Done”

Opening Song:  “Not To Us”
(I started this song waaaay to fast in the 9:00 service, but it was just right at 11:00)

*Announcements – I handled the welcome and announcements, and handed it over to one of the ladys in our church who did an announcement about the upcoming women’s conference.

Second Set:
“Everlasting God” – during this song we sung the Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, and then had a short guitar solo.  During the guitar solo, I brought a man up from the front row who read the last few verses from Isaiah 40 about this song while the band quietly vamped the “A” chord.  It was a great way to connect this song to the very Scripture it represents.

“God of Wonders”
“Holy, Holy, Holy” – in the 9:00 we only had time to sing two verses, but we sang all four in the 11:00.  It was just me playing a rhodes keyboard patch and the people singing.  It got louder and more powerful as people began to sing.

Sermon:  Jonah 3 – the God of Second Chances

We heard a powerful testimony from a young man who recently was electrocuted with over 7200 volts.  Nobody survives this much of a shock yet God spared his life.  He’s lived to share his story about his second chance.  David’s sermon was about second chances, and picking up and “going” to do God’s will.

Closer:  Come Ye Sinners

It was a great service.  In between the 9:00 and 11:00 we had “FamJam”, which is where the “parents bring their kids to church” on first Sunday of each month.

Your turn!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Chris Harrison
2. Randy Neufeld (Westhill Park Baptist)
3. Mike Mahoney
4. Jim Drake
5. Paul Joseph (Dude! I\’m in the Top 5!)
6. Wayne Thomas
7. HL McConnell
8. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
9. Billy Chia
10. Gary Durbin
11. brent(inworship)
12. Amanda
13. jon mark
14. Alastair
15. Angela Ramsey
16. Russ Hutto
17. Eric Sparks
18. Bobby Gilles
19. Sunny Cain
20. Matthew Daniel (For The Journey)
21. beth
22. Jay Sellers
23. Rich Kirkpatrick
24. Jeff M. Miller
25. Jamey Ketchum
26. Peter Green
27. Pat Callahan
28. Kim Bontrager
29. Kyle Campos(Our Rising Sound)
30. janaki
31. Ben (Grace Church, Overland Park, KS)
32. Nick Pounders (Life Connections Church – Hillsboro, OR)
33. Jake Gehret
34. Brad Hafner
35. Steve Sprecker
36. Cynthia Cullen
37. mark roach
38. Dean Lusk
39. Brandon Teer
40. Matt Stevens
41. Michelle Weger (Collision)
42. David Goodwin
43. Tina @CVC Minden
44. David Goodwin

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