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I spent the entire day (well, except for a couple of hours around lunch time for worship and prayer) in my studio today creating my “first official loop” for use in corporate worship.

The loop is to “Hosanna” by Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown.  I’ve loved this song since I first heard it a couple of years ago but have yet to incorporate it into personal worship.  I haven’t even owned it until I bought the CD yesterday.

I’d like to introduce this to our congregation on Sunday but thought the added loops and synth would give it a bigger sound.  So, here’s my first stab at making loops.

A couple of program notes:

  1. I couldn’t lock into the tempo on the album (A Greater Song) for anything – it was somewhere between 112-114 bpm.  I wanted it a little bit faster so created my loop at 118 bpm.
  2. There is a 4-bar countoff, then a 4-bar intro where the acoustic guitar should come in.
  3. I cut the electric guitar solo in the middle of the song in half.  Instead of a full pass through the Chorus, I only did a half chorus (8 bars) plus the sustained 9th bar.  Don’t shoot me electric players – I’d love to have the full solo, but I’m trying to balance the solo time so that my congregation stays with us.

There are two three versions.  Click is in the Right Side, but the Voice version adds vocal instructions in the South Georgia Redneck accent that only I could bring.  Download links are now available – if you download, all I ask is that you leave a comment below, letting me know.

Hosanna – 118 bpm with click and voice instructions:

(download with click and voice instructions)

Hosanna – 118 bpm with click

(download with click only)

Hosanna – 118 bpm with no click or voice instructions

(download – no click or voice)

abletonNow Available – Ableton Live Set

Download (267 MB – .zip format)

Updates since first published:
1.  added third version with no click or voice instructions
2.  re-bounced click and click with voice – I realized that by stopping the song right after the last note (so avoid hearing extra clicks) I’d chopped off the delayed synth which is on a 188 bpm delay, matching the tempo, which should sustain for about 3 counts.

Bar/Measure Map:
m. 5:  4 bar intro (bring in acoustic, drummer’s HH)
m. 9:  Verse 1 (Praise is rising …)
m. 33:  Chorus a
m. 41:  Chorus b
m. 50:  Verse 2 (Hear the sound of …)
m. 74:  Chorus a
m. 82:  Chorus b
m. 91: Instrumental Solo (only 8 bars, plus 1)
m. 100:  Pre-Chorus (when we see You …) – instruments out
m. 108:  Pre-Chorus (when we see You …)
m. 117:  Chorus a
m. 125:  Chorus b
m. 133:  Repeat Chorus a
m. 141:  Repeat Chorus b
m. 150:  4-bar Instrumental Vamp
m. 154 – Hosanna (4x) to end

Ok all you loopsters … suggestions, comments, feedback?

About the Author
Fred McKinnon, Worship Artist, Pianist, Producer. Husband to Joy, Father of Jon Michael, Will, Rebekah, and Andrew. Lives on St. Simons Island, GA.

68 comments on Loops – Hosanna by Paul Baloche

  1. Michael says:

    Is there a way that you could add a version with the full solo?

  2. Jason says:

    hey man, I really appreciate the fact that you’ve made this download free for everyone. I’ve never used a loop at church before but this weekend will be the first time thanks to you!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Awesome, glad it could be used!
      Fred McKinnon
      email: fred@fredmckinnon.com
      twitter: @fmckinnon
      facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fredmckinnon

  3. Rafael says:

    hey thanks for the great sounding loop. is there any chance of getting the loop without the pad sound? so just the beat itself?

  4. Nilesh Barla says:

    thanx a lot Fred… it really helped me…. may God bless you n family..
    ~Nilesh (India)

  5. Kevin Barnett says:

    How does it work feeding into IEM, then the congregation hearing the actual instrumentation?

    1. fmckinnon says:

      You have to send it as a stereo mix to your mixer … and the click/instructions are panned hard left, and track panned far right. The channel that is panned far left is sent to your IEM mix, and the other channel is sent to your house mix.

  6. Kody Antisdel says:

    I realize this is super old, but I’m pretty sure this loop is 116. At least it’s 116 when I put it into Ableton.

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