Sunday Setlists #12 – Your Worship Recap

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Welcome to the 12th week of “Sunday Setlists”.  For the last 12 weeks, we’ve posted our worship confessionals, reviews, and recaps of what happened during our weekly worship services.  We’ve networked, gotten great ideas, and made new friends.

I’m excited to share that one of the songs in MY SETLIST this week was a direct result of my studying other setlists through this blog carnival!

Here’s the rules:

1.  You don’t have to be the Worship Leader or Pastor – you can be anyone who was at a worship service.  Blog about your worship service and let us know what songs you sang and discuss any other elements that you wish.

2.  In the blogpost, you must link back to THIS POST and mention “Sunday Setlists”

3.  After blogging your recap and linking to this post in your blog, come back here and fill out the “Mister Linky” below.  Be sure that your link goes directly to your “Sunday Setlist” post, and not to your homepage.  Links to homepages will be deleted.

4.  Leave a comment here, and visit other “Sunday Setlist” posts and leave comments there as well!

*** Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, Oct 12, 2008 ***

Today was a great day at SSCC.  The crowd was “off” a little bit because I think a lot of people leave town when there is a 4-day weekend.  It was still a good Sunday.  It was one of those Sundays when people’s response isn’t quite as powerful as it normally is.  The “praise” after songs wasn’t as strong.  Jokes weren’t as funny.  It was cloudy and raining outside – so maybe that “blah” feeling outside was also how people were feeling “inside”.  Still, there were plenty of people there who didn’t hold back and in all, I’d still say it was a great day.


We did my arrangement of “When We All Get to Heaven”.  It’s a funk groove that is lots of fun, though on the last 2 repeats of the Chorus, we double-time and pull it back “campmeeting” style.  The folks were loving that.  In the first service, I asked everyone to stand during that last Chorus and sing along.  Most people didn’t move, and I figured my mic wasn’t clear or hot enough in the house mix.  Discussion with Shannon, the Associate Worship Leader (who was out in the house) afterwards confirmed my suspision (he brought it up, I didn’t even mention it).  I had a chat w/ the sound guys in the back and they turned it up.  Overall, I needed lots of help with my voice in the mix today because I woke up with a scratchy, sore throat.

Let Everything That Has Breath

Immediately after this song, everyone was seated and we had about a 2-minute movie trailer for our next series, “Ignite”.  This is a 6-week series starting next week on Dating, Sex, and Marriage.

Hosanna (Paul Baloche)
We successfully used the loop that I created for this song and did it for the first time.  Everything went smoothly.

Hosanna (Hillsongs)
Led by Kim Dixon, this is one of her best songs and our favorite songs.

Merciful God (Getty)
Tammy Trent covers this song beautifully, so we did this with the acoustic piano and Kim Dixon led it with a new singer, Amy, doing the harmony.  She had a fantastic “first Sunday” and everyone commented on how great they sounded together.  The lyrics to this song are deep and powerful .. and I’d not discovered it until I was reading someone else’s “Sunday Selitsts” post last week!

Sermon:  Jonah  4 (last week)

Closer:  You Are My King  (Amazing Love)

OK, let’s hear about your service!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. dorothy (vicar of vibe: no way I\’m first?)
2. Ed Schief
3. Randy Neufeld (Westhill Park Bapist – Regina, SK Canada
4. Billy Chia
5. Mike Mahoney
6. Gary Durbin
7. Amanda
8. Sunny Cain
9. Angela Ramsey
10. HL McConnell
11. Rich Truitt
12. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
13. Jim Drake
14. David Lindner
15. Bobby Gilles
16. Steve Horvath
17. Dean Lusk
18. Jeff M. Miller
19. Cynthia Cullen
20. Ryan Egan
21. Jason Petermann
22. Matt Stevens
23. Jamey Ketchum
24. janaki
25. Steve Sprecker
26. Wayne Thomas
27. Kyle Campos (Our Rising Sound)
28. Paul Joseph
29. Michelle Weger (Collision)
30. Rich Kirkpatrick
31. Pat Callahan
32. Thee WorshipCity est
33. Brad Hafner
34. matt macdonald
35. jon mark
36. Rob Petrini
37. Kim (late late late…)
38. Russ Hutto
39. Russell Martin
40. Jay Sellers

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