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**** Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, Oct 19, 2008 ***

Today was a great day at SSCC.  I’d scheduled Harriet Jones to lead worship this week.  She was the former worship leader who was a part of establishing this church.  She’s been leading worship for years and always brings it.  Harriet’s forte is in doing some of the older songs and she has a great way of pulling off a more bluegrass/country style.  She never fails to bring incredible energy to the platform and today was no different.  Plus, since she was leading the entire worship set, I scheduled myself to play the grand piano.  And with her song selections, I had ample opportunity to bang on those keys.

Walk In:
The Rock (I Go To The Rock)
an OLD song … but with that country/blues feel, it’s a blast to play.  I was given a long piano “jam” solo in here to bang away and had a blast doing it.  We also had harmonica.  The people loved this shuffle!

Song 1:
Holy Is The Lord (Tomlin)

Song 2:
I’ll Fly Away (old school, revival style)
Everyone was clapping and having a good ole’ time with this one.  Ben Jones played acoustic “up the neck” and picked out a bluegrass solo, followed by a harmonica solo, followed by another piano solo.  When we ended this song, you would’ve thought someone had just hit a grand slam at the ballgame.

Lamb of God (Twila Paris)
Harriet and a couple of the ladies who have been part of the singing rotation at SSCC for years did this as special music.  They’ve been singing this song for probably at least 10 years, and they nailed it.

Jesus, Messiah (Tomlin)
This was really the only “current” song in the setlist.  I admit, I was hesitant about the set, and feared that it may overly “theme” the Sunday as old fashioned, and since we were starting a new series on dating, sex, and marriage, I could just imagine a bunch of younger, single people coming and hearing all those older songs.  This song was a great addition to bridge the generational gap – though it had it’s own “acoustic” flavor due to our arranging and instrumentation, it was still a great song to choose.

When It’s All Been Said and Done
We just let the singers carry this all by themselves, with no drums, bass, or keys … only acoustic guitar, and it was fitting closer.

David spoke on Week 1 of the new 6-week series called “Ignite”.  He came out on stage to start the series and we were “all black”.  He lit a match and talked about how when we start dating and getting romantically involved, sparks can start to fly, but then everything can quickly (here he puts the match on flash paper and it poofs up in flames in his hand as he lets go) “catch fire and burn away”.

The sermon was incredible – my favorite and most humorous moment was when Pastor David actually “went there” and talked about the situation where our “brain” is relocated from our skull to  …. well, our pants, basically.  Yep, he went there.  It was hysterical.

A great Sunday … tons of compiments from young and old afterward.  I’m grateful that I’m in a church where we have musical diversity in our songs and leadership styles.  I’m looking forward to leading again next week, co-leading with Kim Dixon.

Your turn!

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