Sunday Setlists #15 – Worship Recap, Fam Jam Pics

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What a long day – it’s nearly 9:00 PM EST and I’m finally getting around to posting “Sunday Setlists”.  We had a great day of worship, followed by a nice nap, then a free Fall Festival down at Mary Ross Park (thanks to First Baptist, Brunswick) with games, jump-o-lenes, food, and a concert with Rush of Fools and Big Daddy Weave.  This is the 15th edition of “Sunday Setlists” and it’s growing every week.  I’d love to see over 100 people sharing their worship service recaps – so please help spread thd word.

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1.  Blog about your worship service today.  You can be the Worship Leader, Pastor, or anyone who ATTENDED, even if you aren’t on staff.  We just want to share our worship service experiences together!  Don’t have a blog?  Just share it in the comments below.

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Date:  Sunday, Nov. 2 2008

Recap:  Today was a good day, though lots of people were a bit “down” because of the nasty loss Georgia had to Florida on Saturday.  True, it’s just a football game, but we do allow ourselves to get all emotionally wrapped up in them!  Nevertheless, we had a great Sunday.  The crowd seemed a bit slack today.  Since it was the first Sunday of the month, we also had “FamJam” which was top-notch, pictures included here.

Walk-in:  “No Other Name” (Todd Fields)
Great in the first service.  Nearly a disaster in the second service, as the band wasn’t ready for the count off.  We fell apart in the first few counts, but I kept pressing on and we pulled it together.

Opening Song:  “Marvelous Light”
Shannon Lewis joined us in the main sanctuary this AM, so he led this song and did a great job.

2nd Set:
Hosanna (Paul Baloche):  we skipped this song in the 9:00 service to make sure we had time to finish in time for “FamJam”.  It went well in the 2nd service.

“Revelation Song” – wonderful song.  Our people are definitely singing this song now, and have “caught on” and I could clearly hear them singing in my “ears”, even as Michelle led the first verse as a solo.

“Take My Life and Let It Be” – the hymn, traditional style, with just vocals and piano.

Sermon:  “Sex”, Pt 4 of the “Dating, Sex, and Marriage” series, Ignite at SSCC.

“I Will Never Be the Same” – Hillsong

As  I mentioned earlier, we had “FamJam” today being the first Sunday of the month.  This is hosted in the Kids Clubhouse Theater.  Our crew was amazing.  Deb Kay, our Childrens Ministry Director does an amazing job coordinating and planning this.  I want to give a huge shout out to Mr. Reid Bird, a great volunteer who animated the entire story of the 10 Lepers “Mr. Potato Head” style … it was incredible, and I just sat there thinking to myself, “we didn’t buy this, we created this, it’s amazing, I can’t believe we did this”!

Here’s some pics I took from my cell phone during FamJam – gives you an idea of how things were looking.

OK – so it’s your turn … share your recap!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Ed Schief
2. Brad Hafner
3. Gary Durbin
4. windbag
5. Janaki
6. Mike Mahoney
7. Jim Drake
8. David Lindner
9. HL McConnell
10. Tyler (Man of Depravity)
11. jan owen
12. Randy Neufeld
13. Amanda
14. Bobby Gilles
15. 1Moment
16. Jason Petermann
17. Russ Hutto
18. matt macdonald
19. Michelle Weger (Collision)
20. David Goodwin
21. Jamey Ketchum
22. Kyle Campos (Our Rising Sound)
23. Matt Stevens
24. Bryan Patrick
25. Richie Truitt
26. Steven Brooks
27. jon mark
28. Jon Morris
29. Jake Gehret
30. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
31. Dean Lusk
32. Brandon Teer
33. mark roach
34. alex mclean
35. beth
36. Wayne Thomas
37. Rob Petrini
38. Paul Joseph (I\’M LATE!!!)
39. Shawn Stinson
40. Jay Sellers
41. Melinda
42. Steff

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