Sunday Setlist #16 – Worship Service Recaps

OK, so can you believe that this is the 16th installment of “Sunday Setlists”?  Each week I post a recap of our worship service, and encourage others to do the same.  Whether you are part of leading a worship service, or if you just attended – if you can write a recap about it, join in!

Here’s the rules – they are actually quite simple:

1.  Post a blog about your worship service.  It can be a written review, a video “Worship Confessional” or whatever format you wish … we’d like to hear about what is happening at YOUR church!

2.  In the actual blog post, be sure and link back to THIS POST.  That’s important because it brings everyone here so they can view all the other worship reviews.  I’d recommend saying something like:
“To see other worship service recaps and setlists, visit “Sunday Setlists” at FredMcKinnon.Com” and use today’s link, which is:

3.  After blogging and linking back here, fill out the “Mister Linky” form below.
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4.  Leave a comment, and then visit some of the other “Sunday Setlists” posts and comment there as well.

*** Hey, so, maybe you want to participate, but you don’t blog yourself … no problem, just leave a recap of your Sunday Service in the comments section below!

*** Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, November 9, 2008 ***

Text version:
Walk in Song:  See His Love (Tim Hughes)

Opening Song:  Your Grace is Enough
Second Set:
Mighty to Save, How Great is our God, How Great Thou Art, Piano Interlude


Here’s a video “worship confessional” for your viewing pleasure!

Worship Confessional – Fred McKinnon from Fred McKinnon on Vimeo.

OK – your turn … 1) blog about your service, 2) link back here, 3) fill out the Mister Linky to your “Sunday Setlist” URL, and 4) leave a comment below.

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. David Lindner
2. Mike Mahoney
3. windbag
4. Amanda
5. jan owen
6. Jay Sellers
7. Jim Drake
8. Jason Petermann
9. Bryan Patrick
10. Janaki
11. Brad Hafner
12. beth
13. Shawn Stinson
14. Wisdom Moon
15. Dean Lusk
16. Lori Biddle
17. Brandon Teer
18. Michelle Weger (Collision)
19. Russ Hutto
20. Shannon Lewis
21. Randy Neufeld
22. Gary Durbin
23. matt macdonald
24. Jeff M. Miller
25. Kyle Campos (Our Rising Sound)
26. Gary Durbin (good link)
27. Matt Stevens
28. HL McConnell
29. Rich Kirkpatrick RKWL
30. Paul Joseph
31. Steven Brooks
32. Russell Martin
33. JOn Morris
34. Billy Chia
35. David Goodwin
36. Woody – Level 13 Church
37. Bobby Gilles
38. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
39. jonmark
40. Steff
41. Lori Biddle

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About the Author
Fred McKinnon, Worship Artist, Pianist, Producer. Husband to Joy, Father of Jon Michael, Will, Rebekah, and Andrew. Lives on St. Simons Island, GA.

62 comments on Sunday Setlist #16 – Worship Service Recaps

  1. Jon Morris says:

    i like it when fred used to post this up first thing in the morning. anyone else?

    if you need something to lighten your day go here:

  2. Steff says:

    Loved the video confessional 🙂

    Steffs last blog post..

  3. jon mark says:

    i almost forgot this part…oops!

    jon marks last blog post..sunday setlists…take eleven…

  4. Steff says:

    I love “How great is our God” & “How Great Thou art” together. Great set.

    Steffs last blog post..

  5. Rule #3 – you’d all be amazed how many “Sunday Setlist” links in the Mr. Linky get DELETED every week because folks won’t follow this simple rule.

    Why? Because people are visiting this “Sunday Setlist” and other posts for days, weeks, and even months later … and if your link in the Mr. Linky is to your blog’s homepage, the visitors will only find your homepage – your most recent blog posts, they won’t see your “Sunday Setlist” post, and will be confused.

    Please … #3 … it’s not that hard, folks!
    OK – back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    (we’d be over 50 sites in the Mr. Linky now if Mr. Linky wasn’t deleting posts to homepages)

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..Sunday Setlist #16 – Worship Service Recaps

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