Sunday Setlists #20 – Worship Service Recaps

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Hey Everyone –

WOW – so we’re (20) TWENTY FULL WEEKS into this “Sunday Setlists” thing.  I was thinking to myself “the last thing anybody needs is yet another blog carnival”.  Well, this has done a whole lot for helping us network and learn about other worship services, styles, and song selections.  Thanks for being a part!

To participate, just follow these simple rules.  (They are simple, yet each week scores of folks seem to not figure it out!?)

1.  Share a recap of your worship service on your blog!  (don’t have a blog, just put it in the comments box, or on FaceBook, or any other social networking site that you can link to)

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That’s it – plain and simple!

Here’s our recap for St. Simons Community Church, Sunday Dec. 7, 2008
(with iTunes links where appropriate)

Walk-In:  Gloria (Mercy Me)

Song #1:  Love the Lord (Lincoln Brewster Version, w/o the LB guitar, though!)

(add-on in 2nd service):  O Come, All Ye Faithful (see below)
Song #2:  Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing)
(*this is a new arrangement from Brian Doerkson’s new CD, do yourself a favor and check out the link to iTunes, it really brings this song back to life)

Song #3:  Mighty to Save (Hillsong)
Song #4:  The Stand (Chorus only)
Song#5:  Medley back to Mighty to Save

Closer:  Hosanna (Hillsong)

*Add-On:  After the first service at 9:00, I was talking with one of our elders and he said he really missed the fact that we hadn’t done any Christmas music in the service.  “Gloria” didn’t really count for him because it was a “walk-in”, and it wasn’t the one that you would sing along with.  I struggle with that in the early part of December – as much as I love the Christmas carols, I would rather sing them at parties and at Christmas Eve services, and a little closer to Christmas … it’s hard for me to feel like I’m really “worshiping” singing most of those “story songs”.  C’mon, don’t shoot me.  Anyway, I knew he was probably right, so I managed to squeeze in one verse and Chorus of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” after the Announcements/Prayer to setup “Your Love is Amazing”, and it was beautiful.

Sermon:  “Construction Christmas”, Part 1
We are starting a series called “Constructing Christmas” which tells the “story behind His story” of how God was “constructing” or laying out the Christmas birth of Christ from the beginning.

Here’s a video open we’re using for the sermon.  Kudos to Chris and Travis for their tech-genuis artistic skills.  (more info on both of their sites regarding the creation details)

Constructing Christmas Intro Video from SSCC on Vimeo.


Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Alastair Vance
2. David Lindner
3. Russ Hutto
4. Kyle (Our Rising Sound)
5. Jim Drake
6. Amanda
7. Ronnie (a.k.a. MandoRon)
8. Johnny Sierra
9. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
10. Kim Bontrager
11. Mike Mahoney
12. Jan Owen
13. Janaki
14. James Ridgers (@englishguy)
15. Jason Petermann
16. Wayne Thomas
17. Rick
18. Angela Ramsey
19. Rick
20. Paul Joseph
21. Gary Durbin
22. Billy Chia
23. Brad Hafner
24. Eric Frisch
25. Bobby Gilles
26. Steffanie Oltmans
27. matt macdonald
28. Jeff M. Miller
29. Lori Biddle
30. Dean Lusk
31. jonmark
32. Cynthia Cullen
33. Louise Knight
34. Russell Martin
35. bobby (covering the cross)
36. Christopher Culver
37. Matt Embry
38. Victor Estrada
39. Rich Kirkpatrick RKWL
40. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
41. Mark Warnock
42. Rob Petrini
43. mark roach
44. HL McConnell
45. Michelle Weger (Collision)
46. Shawn Stinson

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