Sunday Setlists #24 – First Recap of 2009


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Welcome to the first “Sunday Setlists” post of 2009 – our 24th consecutive week of sharing and collaborating reviews of our worship services.  How ’bout a big goal for 2009 – let’s get this thing where we have 100+ links every week?  Anybody think that’s do-able?  You’ll have to encourage everyone you know – local worship leaders, pastors, and other people who attend your church.

That’s where I’d really LOVE to see some growth … I’d love to see more “confessionals” and “recaps” from those who are OFF the platform/stage – a perspective from the pew, so to speak.

OK – so you know the rules (by now) – to participate you need to do the following:

  1. Post a blog about your worship service(s) this week.  (Don’t have a blog – you can have a free one created within minutes at, or just leave your review as a comment below!) Sometimes we make homemade videos – these are called “worship confessionals”.  Share what songs you used, and any other creative elements.  Don’t just share the good stuff – let us hear about the pitfalls, too – that’s why we call it a “confessional”.  Did you try a new arrangement?  Did a song not workout?  Let’s hear the details.
  2. It’s important that people who read your recap be able to come back to THIS POST so they can see the links to all the others.  So in the body of your post, please link back to today’s post (not my homepage).  You may want to say something like “check out all the other setlists and reviews on the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at FredMcKinnon.Com”.  The address you should link to for this week is:
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Here’s my setlist recap for St. Simons Community Church, Sunday January 4, 2009

What a great day at SSCC.  It was wonderful to be back with the people, leading worship after taking last weekend off.

Walk-in:  “Again I Say Rejoice” (Israel Houghton)
Opening Songs:
“For All You’ve Done” (Hillsong)
“Mighty To Save” and “The Stand” medley (Hillsong)

We did this great medley where after we’ve done the Bridge (shine your light …) on “Mighty to Save”, we go back to the Chorus and hold out the last note on “conquered the grave” … and then the band drops out and we get very quiet and move into the Pre-Chorus of “The Stand” (what can I say, what could I do ..)

Building on that Pre-Chorus, we go into the big Bridge of “The Stand”, and vamp it … it’s like a wave of passion that just starts going over the congregation as we do that, and then we medley directly back into the Bridge of “Mighty to Save”, and finally repeat the Chrorus to end the song.

After this opening set, the lights go black for a 30-second sermon intro video for our series, “Change is Coming”.  Then, we had a hilarious skit where our youth pastor, Jon Blankenship, came out dressed in a suit, and acted like he was going to “kick-start” the sermon for the Pastor.  He got all fired up like a gospel celebration, and I was hitting these B3 organ hits before Pastor David finally comes out from backstage and interrupts his act … I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

Our closing set after the sermon was used during communion:
“Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone” (a slow version in E, sim. to the Chris Tomlin version)
“Center” (led by Kim Dixon)

We were going to close with “I Will Never Be” (Hillsong) but didn’t have time, so we just vamped “Center” as people were leaving.

I thought it was a great Sunday, and hope the people there took advantage of an opportunity to sing and worship God.

Let’s hear from you now!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Matt Embry
2. Randy Neufeld
3. Ronnie (MandoRon)
4. Wayne Thomas
5. David Goodwin
6. Gary Durbin
7. Jason Petermann
8. Lori Biddle
9. Jan Owen
10. windbag
11. matt macdonald
12. Brandon Teer
13. Jim Drake
14. Mike Mahoney
15. James Ridgers (@englishguy)
16. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
17. brent(inWorship)
18. Jordan
19. HL McConnell
20. Jennifer Hudson
21. Steven Bruce (
22. Louise Knight
23. Eric Frisch
24. Steve Lowe
25. Brad Hafner
26. Bobby Gilles
27. Ed Schief
28. jon mark
29. Jon Morris
30. justin kirkendall
31. Kyle (Our Rising Sound)
32. Paul Joseph
33. Janaki
34. Johnny Sierra
35. Steffanie Oltmans
36. Cynthia Cullen
37. Rich Kirkpatrick
38. Matt Stevens
39. Michelle Weger (Collision)
40. Russell Martin
41. Rob Petrini

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