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Today is the 25th installment of “Sunday Setlists” – what a milestone!  This is a blog carnival that we celebrate each week to encourage networking and sharing of what we’re doing in our worship services.

* Blog about your worship service – doesn’t matter if you were a leader or not you could’ve just attended it.  Share a recap, video worship confessional, or list your songs.

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My Setlist Review for St. Simons Community Church, January 11, 2009

Glorious (Martha Munnizzi)

Opening Set:
See His Love (Tim Hughes)
Everlasting God (more up-tempo, like the Lincoln Brewster arrangement)

Second Set:
Revelation Song (one of our newer singers, Amy … she flat out brought it on this song!)
Holy, Holy, Holy (trad. hymn)

*I was having IEM problems (in-ear monitor) and finally gave up and pulled them both out … and wow, I was amazed at how strong and loud the crowd was singing – it was beautiful!

Merciful God (Tammy Trent version)
*we did this as a special response

All in all, it was a great day.  I found a great energy in the room both services, and the sermon about God’s Word changing us was incredible.  I’d had one of those extended “I love this church, but I really struggle with your music” conversations just prior to walking up on stage, so I was a bit distracted, and it took it’s toll on me in the 11:00 service- I struggled to lead effectively – I think most people would not have known, but I was VERY distracted.  It finally got the best of me during the closer, “Merciful God” where I was having this long conversation in my head while sitting at the piano, and totally got lost and blew the arrangement.  I allowed my mind to wander, since I wasn’t singing, and thankfully, the band covered it up pretty good – it was a rough few bars.

How ’bout you … let’s hear about your service.  Got any “zone out” moments?

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. David Goodwin
2. Matt Embry
3. Randy Neufeld
4. Jennifer Hudson
5. Steve Lowe
6. Janaki
7. Jim Drake
8. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
9. Jan Owen
10. Michelle Weger
11. Mike Mahoney
12. Eric Frisch
13. HL McConnell
14. Rick
15. Ronnie (MandoRon)
16. James Ridgers (@englishguy)
17. Gary Durbin
18. @russhutto
19. Steffanie Oltmans
20. Lori Biddle
21. Russell Martin
22. Wayne Thomas
23. Justin Kirkendall
24. Louise Knight
25. Dean Lusk
26. Bobby Gilles
27. jon mark
28. Johnny Sierra
29. Cynthia Cullen
30. Jordan Muck
31. Kit Palmer
32. matt macdonald
33. Matt Stevens
34. Brandon Teer
35. Mike Zimmerli
36. Mike Zimmerli -corrected url
37. David Goodwin
38. Paul Joseph
39. Jamey Ketchum
40. Jason Petermann
41. Kyle (Our Rising Sound)
42. Rich Kirkpatrick
43. Jeff M. Miller
44. mark roach
45. Keith Solomon

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