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My Setlist Review for St. Simons Community Church
Sunday, March 1 2009

Walk-In:  Happy Day
Opening Set:
Blessed Be Your Name
See His Love

Sermon:  Job (part 1 of a 6-week series on Job)

Closing Ministry/Worship:
Blessed Assurance
With All I Am
You Have Made Me Glad

As I mentioned, we started our 6-week series on the book of Job today.  You can view more on the series and hear the messages on the SSCC Site.  (I usually have those sermons posted by Tuesday AM)  Our final set today was more intimate.  We allowed people to come pray, worship, or even VENT to God … we’re focusing on Job, and not so much the question of “why does God allow suffering”, but “is He worth it, and will I still praise Him”.  We did a more acoustic set, I played piano, Kim Dixon played acoustic guitar/vocals, one tenor vocal (Brent), fretless bass (Gary) and RV on congas/djembe … so it was cool to have the laid back groove in the last set.

It was  great day – we didn’t have the huge praise and celebration we saw last week, but the book of Job doesn’t necessarily invite that, does it?  What we did have is altars full of people praying, dedicating, venting, and surrendering … that was worth it all!

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