Sunday Setlists #33 – Worldwide Worship Recaps


Week 33 – How to Participate

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Sunday Setlists Worship Confessional
St. Simons Community Church
Sunday, March 8 2009

Worship Confessional – March 8, 2009 from Fred McKinnon on Vimeo.

As you see, it was a short setlist for us today, due to having a 15-minute “Annual Meeting” at the conclustion of each of our two services.

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(view our service plan at PlanningCenterOnline.Com)

Walk In:  “Glorious One” (Steve Fee, North Point Live Arrangement in C)
I really don’t know how people expect congregations to sing along in D … you’re asking people to sing a high F# on the Chorus, which is way out of range for most people, myself included.  Even the high “E” in the key of C is tough, but if you sing loud and strong, you can nail it.

No Other Name (Todd Fields, North Point Live Arrangement in G)
Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin, Key of E)

Closer: God of this City (with Click and Video)

It was a good Sunday.  David’s message on Job and suffering was very good, I thought.  It’s always tough to talk about that stuff.  You can listen to the series, “When It Hurts” on our podcast at

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About the Author
Fred McKinnon, Worship Artist, Pianist, Producer. Husband to Joy, Father of Jon Michael, Will, Rebekah, and Andrew. Lives on St. Simons Island, GA.

82 comments on Sunday Setlists #33 – Worldwide Worship Recaps

  1. fmckinnon says:

    Brandon, hey, both links were bad, they were homepage links, not allowed – can you repost the actual URL to your entry – not your main blog’s homepage?

  2. Artie says:

    Cool idea.. love this..checking out what everyone else is doing..

  3. Rachel Lusky says:

    thanks for following me on twitter!! i’m excited to be part of the sunday worship confessionals on the weeks I lead with Brianl

    and i am so there on the in – ears. one in, one out – that is how i wear them every week!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to being part of the Sunday Setlist experience.

  5. It’s funny to me that I’m usually so late to the party to post my worship recap when Sunday morning comes many hours earlier for me here in Korea…

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  8. Lori Biddle says:

    A great weekend! God is good!

  9. Facebook User says:

    Did this work?

  10. Conner Byrd says:

    I can’t believe I’m this late Fred!
    Sorry man but …better late than never?

  11. Little late to the party, but glad to finally get here.

  12. Bill Horn says:

    Man! I’m way late! Good week, though! I totally agree about “Glorious One.” Fantastic song, but tough for congregational singing-the verse is low by comparison, so you can’t bring it down too much, either! Steve does it in C when he plays it live. D is just plain ridiculous!

    How did “Jesus Messiah” connect?

  13. Anonymous says:

    my bad, you said that the people connected with “Jesus, Messiah” in the video. I just watched it…

  14. #65, Wow. I’m a slacker.
    Better late than never I guess.

  15. Russ Hutto says:

    I made it!!

    Better late than never.

  16. O.k., so evidently I was really tired Sunday. Came by commented and didn’t post to Mr. Linky…doh!
    Better late than never.

  17. And Fred,
    Liked your list for Sunday.
    ALso want you to know I am still spreading the word. I just found an old high school friend (via facebook, gotta love social media) who is pastoring a church start in CA.
    Told him he needs to come by…

  18. Viqui Dill says:

    bluegrass this week in South Carolina. w00t.

  19. Tim Suddarth says:

    Indescribable – Tomlin
    Hungry – Scott
    Hallelujah (Your Love Makes Me Sing) – Brown/Doerksen
    Mighty to Save – Hillsong
    Those Who Trust – Waterdeep
    Let Your Glory Fall – Ruis

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