Sunday Setlists #39 – Mistakes, Dulcimer, and Cello


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Worship Confessional – Sunday April 19 2009

WOW – what a long day.  Thanks to those who were patient enough to wait for this to post … I had important things to do right after church, like – take a 2+ hour nap.  Then, took the kids to the swimming pool at the gym – I needed to do some butt-kicking in Daddy-Kids pool dunking and wrestling.  I’m not sure I won.  Anyway, we’ve got most of the kids down and I’m finally getting my 4th attempt at a worship confessional video uploaded.

(photos by Chris Moncus – click photos for full size)

fred-playingThere was a plethora of ISSUES today in our 9:00 service. Forgotten lyrics, video miscues, battery failures, and more.  When it’s all said and done, God was God, He was big, He was awesome, and we worshiped!  Watch the embedded video below for all the gory details – today’s video confessional is way long, but has some clips from our worship service – so take a break for 10 minutes and tune in!

Today was exciting because I was able to introduce some new instrumentation – one of my favorite instruments on the planet … the hammered dulcimer.  You can hear it on the video but it was a blast playing this awesome instrument.

It was also a huge privilege to have Lydia Nichols joining us with her cello.  Lydia is a high school student who is an amazing cellist and classical pianist as well.

lyldia-playingHere’s the Setlist:

Walk In:  You Never Let Go (Redman) – Key of A

Opening Song:  Hosanna (Baloche) – Key of G

Second Set:
Revelation Song (Kari Jobe/Gateway) – Key of C
Holy, Holy, Holy (Trad. Hymn) – Key of C – D

Special Music:
“Rescue Me” (Wynonna Judd, from “Songs of Deliverance” Compilation CD)

Lydia did an incredible job and I really enjoyed my “debut” on the hammered dulcimer.  We had some great help from our tech guys in micing these instruments with the correct mics.  Maybe Travis can blog about it later this week, as the original worship confessional video we shot this morning is sans audio.

Jay Sellers was the hero today – he “rescued me” from my dead battery situation.  Below are more pics from the service – thanks to Chris for the photos and videos.



(finally – after 4 takes, 3 upload attempts, and multiple issues – this confessional and clip is live)

Worship Confessional – Sunday Setlists from Fred McKinnon on Vimeo.

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