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Happy Mother’s Day!

As we celebrate the 42nd consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists”, let’s remember our Mothers.  Thank God for Moms, right?  I gotta say how proud I am of my wife,  Joy.  Not only is she an incredible wife and mom … she’s bad to da bone – and completed her first ever triathlon this morning.  What a way to spend Mother’s Day – hitting the water at 7:20 AM for a triathlon.  I was “Mr. Mom” for the weekend and kept our 4 kids.  It’s been a blast.

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Worship Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, 5/10/09

Wow, what an incredible time of worship today.  He brought in a new guitarist who recently got saved.  He did a great job and it was awesome seeing our regular bass player out there on the 2nd row with his wife and family worshiping Jesus.

Today I could really hear the people singing.  I think it had a lot to do with the arrangements and the song selections.  It’s one of the most beautiful sounds ever – hearing your people sing to God.

Walk-In Song:  “Revival” (From Revival in Belfast)

Opening Song:  “Let Everything That Has Breath”

Second Set:
“Everlasting God”
“Revelation Song”  (started in C, and did a cool modulation to D coming out of the 3rd verse, very powerful)

Heroes – Part 1 (honoring our parents and moms, specifically)

Communion Set:
“This is the Gift of God” (Carl Cartee)
“O The Blood/Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Medley” (old-school, simple medley)
“Mighty Is The Power of the Cross”

It was a great time at SSCC.  There was a very upbeat feeling in the room today.

Just before the sermon we played “The Mom Song” on the big screens … if you haven’t see this yet, it’s worth the watch:

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