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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

Today was one of those days you love – our 9:00 service started and people were ready to go for it.  There was an eagerness to worship that was contagious and before we’d even made it to the Chorus of our “walk-in” song, nearly everone in the room was standing, clapping, and singing along.  This is our “walk-in” where usually don’t get as engaged.  In our second half, on “Revelation Song” I had them seated during a long Scripture reading and as soon as we got a few lines into the Verse of the song, they all stood on their own – without anyone saying “please stand”.  The 11:00 was different – they had the other personality this AM where you had to ask them to stand, etc.  Part of me wanted to just leave it alone … “they’ll stand if they want to” kind of attitude … plus, I don’t like forcing people … but I also realized that sometimes people just need to be led.  There were probably plenty of people who were thinking “I’d really like to stand”.

It just goes to show how two identical worship services can have a totally different personality.  Maybe it was tied into prayer or intercession that was happening.  Either way, people worshiped and God’s Word was declared.

Once again, I brought in several of our youth – including our drummer, one of the vocalists, and the electric guitarist.

Walk-in:  “Marvelous Light”
Opening Song:  “Your Grace is Enough”

To begin the 2nd set, we found a very cool video background loop that resembled a worship scene in heaven and one of our singers read Revelation 4: 2-8.  This is the Scripture that’s the basis for the popular “Revelation Song”.

Worship Set:
“Revelation Song”
“Jesus Paid it All”

I had a number of people comment on how special the song was after reading and seeing the Scripture.  I think this is a great way to include Scripture reading in your worship flow.

Special Music:
“You Gave Your Life Away” (Paul Baloche)

Sermon:  Unwrapped
We are beginning a long, Summer series on unwrapping the gift of salvation, and all it includes.  Week 1 was a great kickoff and I witness a number of people in both services indicate they were praying to receive Christ as their Savior.

You are my King (Amazing Love)

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