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Welcome to the 51st edition of “Sunday Setlists” – the blog carnival where we share our worship service recaps with one another.  Next week will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, so let’s have a party next week!

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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

Today was one of the Sundays that I scheduled myself off the stage.  Today’s worship leader was Harriet Jones at SSCC.  I enjoyed worshiping from the sound booth where I helped track the service with PlanningCenterOnline’s “Live” feature.  I thought I was going to get recruited to help out in Tiny Town, as they had a number of cancellations … but some of the youth came through and I was able to enjoy the 11:00 service with my family.

The Songs:
Walk In:  “I Go to the Rock” (gospel/blues style)
“Love the Lord”
“My Redeemer Lives” (I Know My Redeemer Lives)

“How Deep the Father’s Love”
“Jesus Messiah”

Final Song:
“Sing to the King”

That’s a wrap for us.  Time for you to share your worship setlists!  Remember, make sure your URL is the full URL to your blog post, and not your blog’s homepage.  Pretty please.

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