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Here we are – the 65th consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists” – the blog carnival where we share our songs, creative elements, sermons, and recaps of our worship services.

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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

Hands down, coolest part of today?  Seeing my friend, Russ Hutto – now “officially” living here in the Golden Isles, and up on stage, wailing on our keyboard and piano as a part of our SSCC Praise Team.  WOO-HOO!  Maybe he can leave his own “Sunday Setlists” recap of what it was like as a musician!

So, as you probably noticed (unless you don’t follow this blog except to post your links!), I’ve been in Peru all week with Compassion International.  If you missed it – go back one post and watch the video, please!  I flew in yesterday afternoon and had the day off – so I went to SSCC as a regular person, enjoying both services.

Harriet Jones (the lady who helped start the church and who was the founding worship leader … she laid the foundation for the incredible worship ministry that was already happening at SSCC prior to my arrival!) led worship today and it was glorious.  Here’s a snapshot:

Walk In:
(for whatever reason, I can’t remember the first song – she added it after I’d left for Peru??)
“The Rock” – a rockin, gospel blues groove.  Russ laid down a mean piano solo on this tune!

Opening Song:
“Hosanna” (the Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown tune)

Special Music:
“I Can Only Imagine” (long story, but Todd Hendrix, one of our vocalists, used to always sing this song.  It’s a signature song for him, and he’s battled cancer for the last year.  He’s alive and well, though his life will never be the same.  This was a Sunday that he was back on the praise team and people have always asked for him to sing this.  It was awesome)

Sermon: Still going in the “Lost & Found” – Prodigal Son series … Pastor David (blog) did a great job as always.

Communion Worship:
“Come to the Table”
“You Are My King/Amazing Love”
“In Christ Alone”

I love “In Christ Alone” – it’s one of most theologically rich “hymns” out there by a modern-day writer.  Top notch.

I enjoyed mixing around and having more of an opportunity to meet and talk to so many from our congregation.  A lot of people were praying for me as I was in Peru so I had a lot of conversations about that.

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