#sundaysetlists – Worship Recap for SSSCC, Jan 17

Hey Everybody,

I’m packing up to pull away for a 3-day retreat … more on that here

So … this “Sunday Setlists” post will be quick.

We had a great day of worship at SSCC today.  We decided that we’ve felt too pressed for time and had no room to just pause and make room for spontaneous ministry … or even planned ministry and response.  We had a lot to cover during our “Announcements” segment, especially with all that we’re doing for Haiti outreach … so we pulled a song out of the setlist earlier this week to make room.  It was so nice and wasn’t rushed.

Setlist for Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walk In:  “See His Love” (Tim Hughes version)

Opening Set:
“Your Grace is Enough” — I love to see our people singing out on this one!

Middle Set:
The Solid Rock:  started out with simple piano and chorus, then brought in the band.
Hosanna (Hillsong), led by Liza Odachowski, she did a fabulous job!

Russ Hutto led us in “Surrender” and did a fabulous job.  Prior to singing, we just played softly while we meditated on some Scriptures and prayed.  It was so peaceful.  God was moving!

As an extra … one cool surprise this morning?  Sonny Perdue, the Governor of our great State of Georgia right there on about the 3rd or 4th row.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog everyday (haha!), but hey … we were honored to have you, sir!

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  • maggie

    Made to Worship – key of C
    God of This City – key of Em
    Better Is One Day – E
    You Alone Can Rescue – key of G

    closing – The Motions

  • Which Surrender was it?