Worship Recap from SSCC – Marriage Exposed

Sunday Setlists

Hey Gang,

We had a great Sunday at SSCC.   It was what we call a “stand-alone” meaning the sermon wasn’t part of an ongoing series.  We talked about marriage.  And wow, did we talk.   Our Family Pastor and one of our Elders interviewed two couples on stage who have had huge struggles in their marriage, yet remained committed to the covenant.   Hearing their stories was inspiring and challenging.  You can always watch our services from the archives at sscclive.com.

I’d like to share our music setlist in participation with the weekly “Sunday Setlists” event hosted by TheWorshipCommunity.Com.

Walk In:  “Hold Us Together” (Matt Maher)

Opening Song:  “All My Fountains”

Our church has grown to love this song.  As soon as we start the room dynamics just feel excited.  Our arrangement is somewhat unique in that I play the hammer dulcimer on this song.  That makes it super-fun for me.

After the opening song we prayed for a young man in our church who had been in a terrible automobile accident.  At the time of prayer he was in coma with no response.  After our first service we received word that he’d responded giving a thumbs up and lifted two fingers.  The power of prayer is — well … POWERFUL!

After the sermon time we celebrated the sacrament of communion.   We had three songs selected for the communion set but because the services were going long we cut the middle song.  This left us with the following:

“You Gave Your Life Away”
“In Christ Alone”

I was proud of our church.  I was proud of these couples.  It was one of those days where you are just glad to be a part of a vibrant ministry.

How was your day?

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6 comments on Worship Recap from SSCC – Marriage Exposed

  1. Dad says:

    Sounds AWESOME!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Dad,it was. Powerful. We’ll have it on our archives shortly.

  2. Ash1214 says:

    It really was an awesome Sunday. Josh and I were talking that it was such a great idea to have couples who are still in the trenches, because if it were tied up in a neat little bow it could have some people (myself included) feeling discouraged, inadequate, etc.

    We also purchased our tickets to Gungor, so excited!!

    Have a good week!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Absolutely. Authenticity is critical. And I’m so glad to hear you got Gungor tickets. Hopefully I didn’t overdo it — but I really think they will be inspiring. Help spread the word in the community, pls.

      1. Ash1214 says:

        Will do!

  3. ‘All My Fountains’ is a HUGE favorite at our church:-)

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