When I Die

1 Chronicles 29:28

What will the books say about us when we die?   How will we be remembered?

There are a few things I’m observing in the reflection of King David’s death that inspire me:

1.  he lived a nice, long life:   my first thought is how I don’t take care of my physical body, I don’t exercise as I should, and stuff my body with unhealthy foods.  How can I ask God to bless me with long life when I abuse the temple, my body?

2.  riches:  some will be offended that I’d like to die with riches.  It’s very difficult to be a financial blessing to others when you’re broke.  It’s very difficult to “leave an inheritance for your children’s children” when you’re broke.  I believe in prosperity.  Not in the “name it/claim it” excess that treats God like a cosmic vending machine, certainly not … but I do believe that He is willing to bless those who live by His principles of stewardship and who He can trust to be generous in return.

3.  honor:  more than riches, or even long life, I want to die with honor on my name.  Not reproach.  Not regret.  Honor.

4.  family legacy:  I don’t care if my children take over a business I may own … but I do want to pass a legacy on to them … of reigning in the Kingdom.  I want these same blessings to carry over into their life.

What about you?