Easter Monday

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter Monday! Across the globe, Christians celebrated the Easter holiday yesterday – the time we remember and celebrate that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. As a church musician it’s a huge day for me. I arrived at 6:00 AM at St. Simons Community Church and had the honor of leading the musical worship in three of our services with an amazing group of musicians and vocalists.

Last year I composed “Awakening”, an instrumental theme that captured the joyous spirit of Easter.   I’d love to share it with you again today (see below).

In other updates, I’m composing a new piece and I hope to finished with it this week.  I think you will enjoy it.  It has a 3/4 waltz feel and I have it all ready except one passage that is giving my fingers a workout!

Have a great week!


This is the accompanying video:

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