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Fred McKinnon, 2015Hello, I am Fred McKinnon, a Georgia-based pianist/composer.  My wife and I live on St. Simons Island with our four beautiful children.

My passion for music is reflected in my deepest, strongest conviction of all, which is my faith in Jesus Christ.   As a committed Christ-follower, I have the honor of serving my local church, St. Simons Community Church,  as a worship pastor.

I’m a self-confessed mixture of artist, creative, leader, and entrepreneur.   I love composing and writing music.   I love seeing music expressed in the local church.   I love funk, jazz, classical, and good ole-fashioned southern rock.

I own a few businesses.   One of them is a large e-commerce company called HPP Enterprises that started out as a fun hobby selling toys and games online.   I enjoy blogging when I find the time, and have a particular interest in leadership, ministry, and technology.

I get a kick out of social media interaction.   I enjoy playing video games and love hanging out with people.

I’m also a self-proclaimed, cultured country boy.  As Hank Williams sang, “I can skin a buck and run a trot line” … a saying that landed my first job as a church music director right out college.

Speaking of College

I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Music, double-majoring in Piano Performance and Theory/Composition.  I was also a member of the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity.  Once a Sinfonian, always a Sinfonian.

My Hope

The music I share is for everyone.   I believe that musical talent is a gift from God.   I believe that it has the potential to encourage, uplift, soothe, and stir the emotions and the heart of mankind.   Whether the music is used for entertainment or personal reflection, my hope is that it will leave an impression (a good one, hopefully!) in your life for years to come.



4 comments on About Fred

  1. Warren [the Mac] says:

    Hi Fred:

    Following up on your recent GNWDA e-reply to my WordPress/blogging inquiry, I visited your blog and like it a lot. Thanks for the link!
    May I ask a few questions?
    — Does WP provide the skin for your blog (the colors and rounded corners)?
    — Once my server sets me up with WP, is there another code or system to learn to enable me to put all you put on your blog?
    — Is setting up podcasts on a blog difficult? Extra costs?
    — Must visitors subscribe in order to comment, etc?

    Thanks, Fred.

    BTW: I enjoyed the uTube show about Vista’s cloning of OS X very much!

    BTW2: When clicking the “Worship Interludes Podcast” in your “My Podcasts” section, I get an Error 400: Bad site code notice.

    Other than that glitch, I love what you’ve created and am inspired to make a wonderful set of blogs for my church leadership.

    Thanks again!

  2. Robin says:


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