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Worship Interludes: Persistence [Episode 26, May 1, 2017]

Persistence:   firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition

No doubt, we have days when we want to give up.   What may have seemed exciting is now a chore and life mandates that we carry on.   Perhaps it’s an issue with your health.  Perhaps it’s a constant nagging of guilt or sorrow that won’t go away.

We are often left with a choice.  Give up, or fight.  Persist.  Fix our gaze straight ahead and pray through it, play through it, dance through it, or work through it.

As I sat down to record today’s interlude I was aware that there are  some things I have to persist on.   I can’t let up – I can’t let go – I can’t give up.   Persist.

Worship Interludes: Despacio [Episode 25, April 25, 2017]

Despacio.   Spanish for “slow” or “slowly”.

My life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks.   I’ve traveled a lot – some for business, some for pleasure, some for family.   Every day away is a day behind when you’re super busy.  (And busy is no longer a badge of honor in my book).

Yesterday’s interlude was super sweet.  And guess what?  I decided to just keep it for myself.  It’s not going to be published.   So today I sat down and felt a bit hurried and rushed.  The word that came to me?  “Despacio”.  Slow down.

I hope you’ll take a deep breath and slow down today.   I bet you need it.

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