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Worship Interludes: Waiting In the Storm [Episode 56, November 9, 2017]

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a storm?  You want to run and find shelter.  Protection is your biggest objective.   I loved this beautiful picture and I can imagine running into this barn for protection.

My piano interludes are meant to provide a musical background for prayer, meditation, reflection, and yes … even simple relaxation or entertainment.   For me, coming from the Christian faith, I know that in my storms I have to run to my Protector, Jesus Christ.   Sometimes He calms the storm and sometimes the storm rages and you find yourself waiting … and waiting … and waiting.

As one of my favorite songs says, “He’s in the waiting“.   I hope that as you listen to this interlude today that you will find a sense of peace in the waiting and in the midst of the storms.

Worship Interludes: The Simple Things [Episode 55, November 7, 2017]

Some times we should stop and pray, meditate, or reflect on the simple things of life. Those small; yet faithful, simple things that bring us hope, pleasure, and joy. How often do we neglect to be grateful for the simple things of life. As you listen to this today, I hope you will take time to think of some of the simple things in your life and express your gratitude for them.

Video (more at my YouTube channel)