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  1. Shaun Groves says:

    Hey, Fred. Suzie from Worship Leader is talking to me about teaching on blogging. I work for Compassion International heading up a blog initiative called Compassion Bloggers ( and I have a blog of my own ( BUT I didn’t want to step into the territory you’ll be treading in your seminar. Our question is whether you’ll be teaching basics or something more advanced? Maybe I could teach what you’re not? We’re just thinking through this. Any info you can get me on what you’ll teach in regards to blogging would be very helpful.


  2. jon says:

    i just got done catching up on the madblog disease on flowerdust…it hit me who you were…i’m friends with one gabe taviano and one of the original fans of the Godsmac podcast…been there, done that, and wear their t-shirt!!! great interview on there and insight on anne’s blog.

    God bless!

  3. Bart Lewis says:


    I’m curious about the music players you’re using. Are there two of them? Would you mind hooking me up with a link? Podpress is giving me problems when I activate it. I’ll be using it to playing random clips of my talks and other experiences I do for teenagers and parents.

    Bart Lewis

  4. Fred says:

    Hey man – just emailed you re: the conference. Looking forward to having you there at NWLC … I’ll send my syllabus and info to you re: Worship+Web2.0.

    Jon – Great to catchup and make the aquaintance.

    Bart – sure, man .. which players are you talking about? The one that I use on my blog in the sidebar is called Audio Player, and can be found at:

  5. Matt Mowery says:

    Hey! I am a worship leader/ college student in Kentucky. I am a music major at Asbury College and I over see all of our worship ministries at Southern Acres Christian Church. I just wanted to say I really appreciate your piano meditaions.

  6. Todd says:

    Hello Fred, Todd Moore from Vicksburg Ms.. You remember me?

  7. Fred says:

    Hi, sorry for the delayed reply – thanks so much. Asbury is a wonderful place – My Pastor graudated from there!

    glad you enjoy the meditations, I hope to do more soon!

  8. TUALMASOK says:

    That song of yours “O Holy Night” is a travesty to man kind. Make sure you contribute yourself to the Darwin Awards. I must say that my girlfriend will be playing this song at Christmas to ensure that everyone gets a good laugh.

  9. Fred says:

    Thanks! Hopefully, you’ve figured out by now it’s not really ME singing that song .. it’s a long story, but you can hear the whole saga, including a live interview with the “real singer” on the blog at:

  10. Lynn Grimes says:

    Hey Fred!

    I found your music on CCLI. I am the Worship and Praise Team leader at my church. Your music touches my soul each time I hear it! I am looking for a place on your site to obtain charts/sheet music for your songs. Do you have them available for purchase? Restore my heart is my favorite!
    Let me know. Keep being a blessing!

    Brother Lynn

  11. Fred says:


    Thanks so much for your email … It’s a huge blessing to know that the songs are making a difference in the lives of other worshipers.

    All of the leadsheets, chords, etc., are available at:


  12. Joe Myles says:

    Hi Fred,

    This is Joe Myles. Thank you for coming to Ft. Belvoir to our church. God touched my life a a vocalist when you came to our church. My wife and I will be starting our own music ministry pretty soon. Please keep us in your prayers…

    -Joe Myles

  13. Fred says:

    Thanks for stopping by. It was my privilege and honor to be there, and I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to come. Keep me updated on your new ministry endeavors!

    For the Kingdom,

  14. Sean says:


    I added you to our site and responded to your comment on the Brenton Review. Look forward to chatting with you.

  15. JonWesley says:

    I was subscribed to your worship interludes rss feed for a while. recently, checking my reader I found some disturbing stuff on the last two posts. If you don’t know about it, you will want to look. It’s pretty bad. Sorry to be the one to tell you.
    I hope things are well for you and your ministry. I am preparing a Sunset Worship from an idea I gi=ot from you. Thanks for your ministry.

    JonWesleys last blog post..Living Worship: Mercy

  16. John says:

    Got a quick question for you… Would you be interested in doing a video devotional for a new website that’s going to be launching soon?

    I could use your help!

    Drop me a line for more information!

  17. John says:

    Got a quick question for you… Would you be interested in doing a video devotional for a new website that’s going to be launching soon?

    I could use your help!

    Drop me a line for more information!

    Johns last blog post..Calling All Christian Vloggers!

  18. Hey Fred, We just posted a link for recommending Innovative Worship Leaders for 2008-2009. Share some insight.

  19. Jeff T. says:

    Hey Fred,

    I used to blog all the time, then took some time off, and now I’m back at it again. Could I get some link love (you’re linked on mine), brotha?

    I’m over @

    Thanks & Peace!

    Jeff T.

    Jeff T.s last blog post..Change @ Granger Community Church

  20. Mike says:

    Hey Fred,

    Thanks for the comment. Of course, I’d be honored if you thought anything I had to share was worthwhile for others. That’s why it’s out there!


    Mikes last blog post..Boys in the Hoods

  21. Fred – I really am enjoying your blog. Since you are a worship leader, I’d like to get your opinion/thoughts on something. We have about 25 people who are involved in leading worship at our church – several instrumentalists and vocalists, and we serve on a rotating basis, and don’t always serve with the same people, so there are very few times during the year when we’re all in the same place at the same time. As a result, we’re having trouble figuring out how to build great community in such a setting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you and your team builds community.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have on this topic.

    Barry Trowbridges last blog post..Headed back from vacation….

  22. Casey Craig says:

    Just added you to my Blog Roll, Jon Morris let me know about all of the awesome things you’re doing online. I’m glad to have such an awesome resource that I can use for a variety of things. Thanks so much Fred!!

  23. Thanks for the link. I linked to both of your sites as well.

  24. Jan Owen says:

    Fred, I thought it would be easier to answer here. We are a church of around 400. We had two services and we sat around round tables in our worship center. We have had much tragedy the past two years and our attendance is a bit down or we couldn’t have done this. But it worked well for us today. I’m looking for ways to leverage off of it so we can pay more attn to each other on Sundays…….we don’t have a coffee shop. 🙂

  25. B.McCoy says:

    Hey Fred.
    found your blog just searching. I think i will come back. I am a drummer and play worship music with a couple of different guys professionally. You can check out my blog if you want, and now we’re friends!

    B.McCoys last blog post..Sunday afternoons…

  26. Angela says:

    Oh.My.Gosh! Fred McKinnon! The world wide web isn’t as big as folks think it is… I saw your name in the comments (!!!) of another blog and HAD to come see if it was the Fred I knew at GSU!

    How are you?! Still in S. Ga? I’d love to catch up sometime… email me when you get a chance. We need to have another Southern Pride reunion!

    Angelas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday…

  27. Randy Neuefld says:

    Hey Fred,
    I’ve been posting Sunday Setlist for the last couple of weeks and just wanted to let you know that the links will be broken due to a rename of the blogsite.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  28. Hey Fred,

    That’s kool about Marvelous Light! Did you post your list of song for you Night of Worship? I was thinking about doing that too!

    Have Fun,

    Jamey Ketchums last blog post..Sunday Setlists 9-7-2008

  29. Miranda says:

    Hi Fred,

    Hope you are well. Just wanted to say that I discovered your worship interludes a few weeks ago and soon after your highest praise podcast and have found them so helpful i listen to them every day and they really help me with my prayer life and just to wind down and be in God’s prescence. What you say is very relevant and really encourages me even just to listen over again and again, I find especially helpful the one about forgiveness as I try to listen to it whenever Im angry at someone or feel i need to forgive and it has help me come a long way with some people. Do you have any plans to do any more podcasts? What are you doing mainly at the moment? I love your highest praise podcast too – some really well chosen, upbeat songs, I think its a great way to introduce people to less well known worship artists. Hope you are doing well

  30. dwayne moore says:

    Hey Fred, need a couple favors 🙂

    We’re offering a free download of my entire worship study though November. All people have to do is go to my site at and submit a brief form and voila! Could you help me pass the word along?

    Also, I want to start a forum for people who go through the study. Since the Worship Community is so hapnin’ already, do you think we might could set up an area for Pure Praise within the WC somewhere once the book is released in December? We would point people from our site to that forum. That work you think?

    Thanks for your help and advice and all your incredible ideas and “goings ons” for the Kingdom!


  31. Hey Fred, I was wondering if there was some sort of collaboration we could do for Christmas Prep. We’re really looking hard at Christmas, and I was wondering if we could get some people to chime in on it. I would put it on my site and help in any way I can.

  32. craig says:

    Hey Fred,

    Been enjoying the posts and was wondering about a link trade??? You’re already on mine, check it out and let me know what you think…

    thanks for your time!

  33. Michael says:

    Any chance you would be willing to listen to a little song I put together and provide some feedback?

  34. Bosco Peters says:

    I appreciate your focus on worship
    There is a badge to encourage the importance of worship that you might like to place on your site:
    Let us also pray for each other and this online mission and ministry.

  35. Brad Hafner says:

    I need a consult about an idea I have rolling around in my head. As a multi business owner in the Christian realm I think you are the perfect guy to help me with some advice. DM me a twitter of your phone number and I’ll call you.

  36. Chuck Hutcheson says:

    Hey bouy, I’m in the market for an 88-key weighted MIDI controller. Any suggestions? (I’m presuming you’d recommend an M-Audio product, hehe!) I’ve got Synthogy Ivory in the studio now, along with some other virtual instruments, and I need a good weighted controller. Since you are the piano man, give me your straight answers, or I’ll go roll your mom & dad’s yard and bang on the stop sign in front of their house in the middle of the night and falsely place a “for sale” sign out in the front!

  37. Dear Highest Praise,

    It was a Godsend that I received your E-mail today because I am in need of help.

    My name is Sheila Lockhart and I write music. I received an OK to send a song to a Gospel Artist but just need a vocalist to sing it. I have the tracks just as they should be.

    I went to a recommended place studio here in my area but they have told me they cannot find a soloist to sing my music. I have over 250 songs including Christmas ones. Can you tell me where I can go in my area to get this done? Thank you so much for your time and anything you can do. I live in Orange Park FL near Jacksonville Fl 32065. Thank you.

  38. Two Questions: Who do you use to host your blog?
    Are you still looking for writers for “the Worship Community”?

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  41. Teddy Cheek says:

    Hey Fred!

    My browser isn’t loading the contact form. Bummer!

    Anyway, I’m interested in possibly partnering or advertising. Could you shoot me an email if you are interested in speaking about this.

    1. Hey Teddy,
      So sorry about the contact form not working for you – I’ll check into that. I’ll email you directly.

  42. Suzie Kolber says:


    I’m Suzie Kolber and I write for I’m wondering if I can contribute some content to your website about “How to Express Your Condolences For a Loved One.” Or something along those lines.

    What do you think? Let me know if you like the idea or if you have a better suggestion.

    Have a great rest of the week.


    Suzie Kolber

  43. Tim says:

    Dear Mr. Fred

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to our cause. We are reaching out to you because we highly value your services in providing accurate information to the public in a timely manner.

    The reputation of your blog for maintaining integrity and quality work has sparked our appreciation and attention towards our inquiry. We would like you to consider adding the following video and petition to on your website.

    To give you a little background about our cause, currently the religious rights of citizens in South Korea are being trampled on, and many innocent people are being hurt because of it. As you may know, South Koreans are mourning for the sudden loss of hundreds of innocent lives in the tragic ferry accident with the sinking of the Sewol Ferry.

    In the wake of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, there has been a great deal of unjustified accusations. Unfortunately, members of the media are trying to link the responsibility behind the sinking of the ferry with the Evangelical Baptist Church; all claims that are based on no evidence or warrant. The media are also falsely accusing the Evangelical Baptist church of being a “cult”. Our Church’s faith and practices are no different from the same set of core beliefs as any other Baptist churches in the United States. Yet the Korean media has targeted our beliefs as dangerous and are severely distorting their meaning.

    As a result, students who belong to the church are being ostracized at school, and people have been fired from their jobs because of their beliefs. Please consider our cause and help us spread awareness about this unwarranted attack on our church. The link below (and at the end of the video) will direct you to our petition to the White House administration to please ask the South Korean government to stop persecuting our church.

    White House Petition Link:

    Video link:

    Thank you for your time and consideration on our cause.

    Best Regards,


  44. Sharon says:

    Hi Fred, I’m wanting to use your song “Fix my eyes” for our church – where do I purchase an original copy so I am not breaking copyright?

    1. fmckinnon says:

      HI Sharon –
      Thanks for reaching out – you can get the music i SongSelect at CCLI, and the audio is on iTunes! God bless!

  45. Beth says:

    I really like the lyrics you used. If our church wanted to change the lyrics would we also need to contact the song writer? I love the song and totally understand his heart and love him message, but without the opportunity to give an explanation to the people singing I think it could be misunderstood.

  46. Mark Hiehle says:

    Dear Fred,

    The reason for writing is to ask if I can use the
    image you have on your blog, “Holiness”? I would like to use it in a
    discipleship workbook I am making for our congregation. Other churches in our
    Nazarene Denomination would like copies of the workbook too. Thank you for
    letting me know.

    Serving Jesus with you,
    Pastor Mark

  47. John says:

    Hi Fred, would you take a look at the faith based film my wife and I made? We hope it will touch hearts once it is finished!

  48. Chris says:

    Fred.. I am a Full Sail music business student doing research for an assignment and I think you should know you have no accurate links so people can purchase your music. FYI



    1. fmckinnon says:

      Hey Chris,
      Thanks – yeah, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been keeping the site up very well, and I haven’t released any new music in so long, I don’t really have much to sell — but no links would be better than bad links. Thanks for the heads up. Full Sail is a great school!

  49. Fred Mckinnon says:

    Just came across your site and thought it was cool that we have the same name…LOL…..

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