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4 comments on Subscribe & Follow

  1. steph says:

    Hi Fred, We are about to move into a new location with a stage for the band. Can you give any advice on how to arrange a worship band on stage, what is the best placement for drums, guitars, keyboard and vocalists? What other technical equipment do I need to consider apart from the obvious mics, cables etc?
    Keep up the good work – I’ve been following you for some time now!!

  2. I am er very god amateur photographer and i have my own homesite

    I travel ofen and take many picture, this pictures i set together ind a photoshows with music – I have lisen to yours music on CNET Music and found that your music is very god as bagground for pictures. I try it at home with the number you have given free – it is beatutiful, but i like to place my show with your music on my homesite and I ask you, can you give me your permission ?
    I newer sel my show, but i very ofen give them away, but if you give your permision, i vill bring your name and your homesites adress ind the end on my shows.
    If you like my photos I can give them to you free – and you can always ask for a higher solution, and I vill mail it for you.
    If I by your cd can you give me same permission for one or more of the music
    Hope you vill give me a answer,
    Jørgen Bresson

  3. Fred says:

    Ho Jorgen,
    Yes, feel free to use the music, just link back here!

  4. Hi Fred,
    I am subscribed to Worship Interludes. Im a worship leader in Massachusetts; but I live in Connecticut just over the state line. Really appreciate the Interludes so much! They help me take a moment to “breathe” and collect myself. Tonight I’m listening to the March episode as I get ready to drift off for a peaceful sleep before church. Thanks for serving God in a way that reaches me way up here.
    God bless,

    Jamie Burnsides last blog post..Daily Games & Free Trials

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