America the Beautiful [Episode 41, July 4, 2017]

Happy 4th of July.   I realize that thousands of listeners to this podcast are outside of the United States of America but today is our birthday as a country.   I hope you enjoy my piano interlude of “America the Beautiful” and the slideshow.

God bless America.

Worship Interludes: Questions [Episode 40, July 3, 2017]


I love this picture (courtesy of Pexels.Com).   As I thought about today’s worship interlude I was reminded of all the questions that I have.   I’ve been reading about Gideon in the Bible and how despite being visited by the “angel of the Lord” Himself, Gideon had so many questions and doubts about his purpose.   He went through numerous questions and tests and still doubted.

How many questions do we have unanswered?  How many doubts do we have?   I hope that during this interlude you will ponder those things in your heart that you question … or even doubt.   Ask for guidance to know the perfect will and plan for these things.

It’s OK to have questions.   I hope you find answers.