Worship Interludes

Enjoy Fred’s weekly “Worship Interludes” Podcast Episodes below:
Free flowing, soothing, calm piano instrumentals for prayer, worship, meditation, relaxation, rest, study music, and contemplation.   Listen below or Subscribe in iTunes

Worship Interludes: Humility [Episode 61, January 17, 2018]

I’ve been thinking about humility lately.   Such a powerful thing; yet, often difficult to obtain.   The Bible says that God opposed...

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Worship Interludes: All Is Not Lost [Episode 60, January 10, 2018]

Today’s interlude was inspired by my devotional reading from the Bible.  [2 Chronicles, Chapter 25]   I wrote some devotional thoughts which...

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Worship Interludes: The First Snow [Episode 59, January 4, 2018]

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re down here in South Georgia where snow is typically non-existent.  Someone didn’t realize that...

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Worship Interludes: Silent Night [Episode 58, December 20, 2017]

Life has been super, super busy these last couple of months; hence, the lack of worship interludes.    The very reason...

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