Worship Interludes: Scattered [March 20, 2017]

Today’s interlude is called “scattered”.  How many times do we find ourselves in a hurry … hectic, rushed, scattered, and pulled in many different directions.    As I prepare to leave town for a week, that’s how I felt this morning.  My normal devotional time in the morning was abandoned out of the hectic rush to pack and pull together everything needed for my trip.

As I played this interlude I found myself closing my eyes and taking long, deep breaths.   I could feel the stress and tension inside of me and began to release it as I played.   I hope you can do the same.

The beautiful photo on this post displays scattered rose petals.  A rose is beautiful yet fragile and with enough force, the petals fall to the ground and are scattered.  Yet, in the midst of the scatter, they are beautiful.  May our lives be the same.


Worship Interludes: Questions [March 14, 2017]

Have you ever had one of those days where you were waiting, questioning, in suspense, as if you were in the darkest part of the night and just wanted to see the dawn?    I had that feeling the entire day.  It’s not anything I can explain other than this unsettled feeling with questions in my mind.   I don’t mind questions, I just mind not having the answers.

This interlude is called “Questions”.   On those days where you don’t feel settled and are questioning things, I hope this helps you push through.  Musically, this interlude never resolves and stays in a minor key until the very end … because sometimes, we never really do get those answers.