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Fish On!

Hey Ya’ll, I’m writing this from my hotel room in Dallas, TX … out on a business trip visiting some clients (and prospective clients) for our hosting company …. My Dad and older brothers try to go fishing together every year … it’s sort of a “father sons” thing, and it’s always a blast. This...

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Worship Under The Stars

Hey Ya’ll – Long time no blog … mainly, due to the fact that I spent all of last week on VACATION! Joy and I left the kids at my parents (Me-Ma and Pa-Pa) in McRae, GA and headed up to Myrtle Beach, SC for 6 whole days of R&R … we missed the kids...

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Hey Ya’ll, Well, I’m supposed to be doing some paperwork … or better … sleeping. I’ve been “home alone” this week … Joy and the kids went to her parents to celebrate her Dad’s birthday (78 and full of life!) and a special civic award he’d received up in Gainesville, GA. As a result, I’ve...

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The Last Word (and New Music … Again)

Hey Ya’ll – Well – first things first … several folks had trouble seeing/hearing the “New Music” entry from yesterday … something weird happened in the blog database and entry #72 was listed, but not found. So, it’s been corrected, and if you’d like to hear the new song, just go to that entry. The...

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New Music

Hey Ya’ll – Well, don’t give up – I’m still trying to make some time for that new CD. Here’s a sample of a new piece that I composed and recorded this morning. It’s not “CD-ready” yet, but maybe you can “feel it”. Let me know what you think – I don’t have a title...

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Thanks, Vladimir

Well, if you’re reading this – chances are you’re looking at the most recept “change” to the layout of my blog.

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