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The Last Word (and New Music … Again)

Hey Ya’ll – Well – first things first … several folks had trouble seeing/hearing the “New Music” entry from yesterday … something weird happened in the blog database and entry #72 was listed, but not found. So, it’s been corrected, and if you’d like to hear the new song, just go to that entry. The...

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New Music

Hey Ya’ll – Well, don’t give up – I’m still trying to make some time for that new CD. Here’s a sample of a new piece that I composed and recorded this morning. It’s not “CD-ready” yet, but maybe you can “feel it”. Let me know what you think – I don’t have a title...

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Thanks, Vladimir

Well, if you’re reading this – chances are you’re looking at the most recept “change” to the layout of my blog.

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Stuff (for lack of a better word) happens

READER WARNING: This is a long post … read it ONLY if you wanna laugh at some insane events and if you’ve ever had a really bad set of days and want to relate! OK – let me begin this post by confessing loudly … the last several days, I’ve been a complete jerk and...

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Rick Bonfim

Hey Ya’ll – Just a quick note to share a new blog from a friend and minister in the Lord, Rick Bonfim. Rick is a spirit-filled Methodist who has been an evangelist and missionary to Brazil for a long time. I’m always encouraged by Rick’s ministry. Recently our web hosting company did a complete redesign...

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The Faith of a Child

Hey Ya’ll – Long time no blog! I just had to share this story with you – how awesome it is! Joy was taking the kids to the gym this morning and had pre-arranged to bring home one of the other kids, “Tristan”. Joy told them that Tristan was coming home with us and although...

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