Ready to Press Through

“Pressin on” …

A few years ago, that was the phrase I’d use in the closing of my emails and letters …

“Pressin’ On,
Fred F. McKinnon

Now, I usually sign things “For the Kingdom” … but for now, I’m reminded of the “Pressin on” as I’m in a place where I’m desperate to “press through and press on”.

Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those rant and rave entries today. Get out your cheese and crackers for my whining … ’cause I’m “sho-nuff tired”.

I’ve had this nasty cough and summer cold/congestion for over 3 weeks now. I finally started an antibiotic on Sunday evening, but honestly – I don’t feel any better. What’s worse is that the combination of the cough medicine and decongestants is keeping me up all night – I haven’t gotten decent sleep this week. (that seems to be a recurring theme, doesn’t it). If I don’t take the cough stuff, I stay awake coughing … if I do take the stuff, it keeps me up. Then, with a lot of work stuff going on, especially the “Worship Under The Stars” vision that is in full swing … I can’t seem to turn my creative mind off at night, so I just lay in bed coughing, turning, arranging songs, charting production notes and scene lists, etc. It’s horrendous. What I’m even more tired of, though, is that this stuff keeps getting my kids. Bekah just got off an antibiotic and now she’s all congested and messed up again. Will sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes – 24/7.

So physically, it’s not been fun. On top of that, our air conditioner broke upstairs (the house is only a year old) … we just got that fixed (again), but in the meantime it was 90 degrees plus upstairs. My main studio computer is pretty messed up – the SuperDrive I use to burn audio/video masters broke so I’ve had to use my PowerBook and transfer all the important files to it for ‘burning’. Problem is … the Powerbook battery is dead, and my AC-Charger shorted out so I can’t charge it back up. Ordered a new AC-Charger last week – it should’ve come within 2 days .. but the company still hasn’t even shipped it yet. In addition to the studio computer’s drive being broken, the hard drive is messing up now … typical need to run “Disk Warrior”, which is a Mac utitlity that cleans up the disk space (like a Windows de-frag or disk cleanup utility) .. but can’t do it because you have to boot off the CD … and the drive is broken!

So Chris, the Director of Design & Sales for our hosting company, .. he shows up to work yesterday and boots up his trusty PowerBook G4 … only to hear 3 beeps. We look up this phenomenon on the AppleCare site and it says that if it beeps 3 times your memory is corrupt and you have to get it repaired. So off Chris goes to Jacksonville, FL yesterday to the nearest Apple store to get it repaired – he’s back in a few hours happy that they managed to fix it …. presses the start button…. BEEP…BEEP…BEEP. He’s on the phone w/ Apple now to arrange a pickup. (no anti-Apple comments – I warn you, I WILL delete them, LOL).

Enough whining – life hasn’t been fun lately … but in spite of it all – I’m reminded of how much I have to be grateful for. God is good … and His love endures forever. Ya know, the Word says that God’s yoke is light and easy. That does not describe the yoke I’ve been feeling at all. I spent a good bit of time in prayer yesterday morning and last night before bedtime. I am sincerely asking Him to show me the “root” of all of this stuff …. maybe some of it is spiritually based … maybe some some of it is just an odd bunch of junk happening at the same time … maybe some of it is myself being out (for whatever reason) of that “secret place” of God’s shelter (see Psalm 91). I know the answer is in asking, which I’m doing. Joy and I prayed and really asked the Lord for a good, peaceful night’s rest. I just knew that I’d fall asleep immediately and not wake up until this morning. Well, it didn’t happen that way – I didn’t fall asleep for hours, and woke up several times. Does that mean God didn’t answer my prayer – oh no, listen … God’s waiting on me, that’s for sure.

As the Word says … “this too shall pass” …
I appreciate your prayers!

For the Kingdom,

Fish On!

Hey Ya’ll,

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Dallas, TX … out on a business trip visiting some clients (and prospective clients) for our hosting company ….

My Dad and older brothers try to go fishing together every year … it’s sort of a “father sons” thing, and it’s always a blast. This year we had an unfortunate issue where the younger of my older brothers, Rob, couldn’t get off work (sorry, bro!) … so it was just going to be my Dad and my oldest brother, Billy. Since it wasn’t just “Father and Sons” anymore, we invited some other folks – my cousin John (the mostest awesome video/TV guy on the planet) and my pastor, Dan Harris, of Christian Renewal Church, St. Simons.

Allz I can say is “fish on” … we killed them. We chartered a boat off of Tybee Island, GA and went bottom fishing. We almost didn’t make it out – the seas were very rough (4-6 ft) but things settled down after a bit. We limited out on snapper – red snapper and vermillion (we call’em “B-Liners”) and caught some shark and a big grouper as well.

Towards the end of the day, we fished with some “live bait” on the bottom for the “big ones” – I was pumped to be the grand price winner – I landed a big 31-pound red snapper (see below) … it was one of the biggest the captain of the charter boat had ever seen!

So, here is my fishing post and pictures – nobody can have a catch that great and not brag a bit, LOL!

For the Kingdom,

The 3 Big Ones:
3 big fish

The Catch – 160+ pounds altogether:
the catch