O Holy Night

Well Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!

A buddy of mine sent a beautiful rendition of “O Holy Night” to me the other day … well … ok .. truth is … it’s not so beautiful! Then again – I suppose you could always argue that point.

Seriously, I guess this is “out there” on the ‘net – we have no clue who this singer is, or “if” this singer was joking or was really trying to perform a solo. You decide.

Listen – click here! (and grab a box of Kleenex)

Speaking of “O Holy Night” .. it’s been “O Long Night” for me …. 3 nights in one week now .. I’ve not been able to sleep. Insomnia .. it’s terrible. Our kids (who always sleep through the night w/ no problem) have been in a phase where one of them keeps waking up. Last night it was Rebekah. Two nights before, it was Will and Rebekah. A few nights before that, it was Will only. They all have rotten head colds and can hardly breathe at night. I guess I’ve been so busy trying to finish up some “tasks” here at the end of the year that my mind won’t stop racing. I’m lucky to fall off asleep – but then when I get awakened … it’s all over – just can’t get back to sleep for nothing.

Well – hope you enjoy the song. Feel free to spread the link to your friends.

For the Kingdom,

Why not! Just do it!

Hey Ya’ll –

Well, it’s been a crazy (but fun, albeit) couple of days … I got into another one of my crazy “why not – just do it” moods. Joy had me searching the ‘net for some toys and specific “hard-to-find” gifts that were on some of my young nephew’s Christmas wish lists … and my search took me to Ebay …

Guess what – I found what I was looking for … but then again, everytime I go to that huge yardsale online I think to myself “man – I oughta have some stuff on here to sell!”

One thing I noticed was that when I searched for kids games … ya know … Blues Clues, Reader Rabbit, etc … I didn’t find a lot …

So, I kicked it around and did what any good ole’ South GA boy with entreprenurial blood in his bones would do … I said “why not – just do it”.

Discount Kids Toys Logo

Seriously – I already owned the web hosting company – so why not have an e-store to sell kid’s games … hey, I’m sure Jon Michael and Will agree – new Dora the Explorer games for the computer are festive!

So – please check out DiscountKidsGames.Com – please pass the word to your friends and family … maybe my next post will be a “Help Wanted” ad …

Oh yeah – almost forgot … aren’t I supposed to be a musician … and …. oh my … a minister? Praise God (literally) for tentmaking.

For the Kingdom,