Getting our “ducks in a row”

Ya know, every now and then, someone uses an analogy that just really “wows” me. This happened this past weekend in our Sunday AM service at church. We had a guest speaker named “Bill Howell” who had been with us all weekend doing a leadership seminar.

Bill was speaking about “purpose” and “destiny”, and how easily we can get into the “fog of life” and get off track. Man, this is really what I needed to hear for the moment. He discussed several reasons and excuses we use that hold us back, including the infamous “as soon as I can get my ducks in a row …” statement.

Then came the analogy … have you ever watched a mother duck, and her ducklings in a pond or lake? When they are in a given location, they just kinda “hang out” … paddling around … with no real organization. But as soon as the mother duck begins to leave, or move away to proceed to a new location, all the other ducklings just “line up’ and follow her. She doesn’t wait until they have all gathered together in a line – she just moves forward, and they ‘fall into place” behind her.

His point was this … if we know God has given us a certain purpose, or a certain thing that we are supposed to do … why sit around waiting on all of our circumstances to “line up”? We should step out in faith, and move forward to the destination that God has shown us, and watch our “circumstances” line up as a result of our decision to move.

Basically, it was a simple exhortation that if we aren’t moving forward, we’re getting left behind. True – there are always time of God-ordained “waiting” (ooh, I’m not a fan of those times at all), but this applies to those of us who have already waited, and have gotten our “marching orders”, but keep making excuses as to why we can’t (or haven’t) proceeded forward.

So … if we know where we should be, it’s time to stop waiting on everything to get perfect, and move forward.

For the Kingdom,

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