Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Hey Ya’ll –

It snowed here in sunny South GA Sunday night. Well – OK .. not really. We had our annual christmas party at our church and we always hire the “snow machine” people to come blow snow for us. It’s always a blast. I edited a little video that I posted on our church web site.

We’re starting to gear down a bit this week – in preparation for the holidays. We’ll be headed out of town this Thursday and will enjoy time with my family and hopefully, Joy’s family the following week. We’ve all been battling colds and congestion. I really felt sickness coming on me yesterday … knocked off work early and got some rest and spent some time in the Word and prayer. Had to deal with an issue re: work late last night, but other than that – got some good rest.

Speaking of work … DiscountKidsGames.Com has been a blast and success. Those who follow the blog will remember that I ventured into this new e-business last week and we’ve gotten lots of positive feedback. People are still discovering the site, but I added a lot of products to our “Amazon.Com” marketplace and have gotten lots of orders … hooray! Keep it going, Lord … can you say “New Studio?” (grin)

January will be here quickly … and I’m anticipating it with every fiber of my being. Every year I take off for several days in the first part of Jan to meet a group of guys (businessmen, pastors, ministers, entreprenuers … a good mix of folks) for a time of intense prayer and fasting. We diligently seek the Lord’s will for the new year. It’s always an awesome time. My Pastor is supposed to come w/ me on this trip, which is an added treat. I’ve got a piano concert in Dublin, GA again … and hope to begin recording the final tracks for the new piano CD. Haven’t come up with a title for the new CD yet … thinking of “Encounter” … what-d-ya think?

For the Kingdom,

PS: Merry Christmas!

O Holy Night

Well Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!

A buddy of mine sent a beautiful rendition of “O Holy Night” to me the other day … well … ok .. truth is … it’s not so beautiful! Then again – I suppose you could always argue that point.

Seriously, I guess this is “out there” on the ‘net – we have no clue who this singer is, or “if” this singer was joking or was really trying to perform a solo. You decide.

Listen – click here! (and grab a box of Kleenex)

Speaking of “O Holy Night” .. it’s been “O Long Night” for me …. 3 nights in one week now .. I’ve not been able to sleep. Insomnia .. it’s terrible. Our kids (who always sleep through the night w/ no problem) have been in a phase where one of them keeps waking up. Last night it was Rebekah. Two nights before, it was Will and Rebekah. A few nights before that, it was Will only. They all have rotten head colds and can hardly breathe at night. I guess I’ve been so busy trying to finish up some “tasks” here at the end of the year that my mind won’t stop racing. I’m lucky to fall off asleep – but then when I get awakened … it’s all over – just can’t get back to sleep for nothing.

Well – hope you enjoy the song. Feel free to spread the link to your friends.

For the Kingdom,