Report from Hilton Head

Hi Friends and Family –

Aaaaah …. that probably is the best word to describe our trip to Hilton Head, SC this past weekend. As before, our wonderful host church, Christian Renewal Church of Hilton Head, blessed us by letting us stay in a condo on the beach. The weather was fantastic – some clouds and a few short rain showers helped things be “not too hot”. Friday evening we checked in, checked out the beach and the pool, did some swimming, and got ourselves some dinner and then got some rest.

Most of Saturday was spent on the beach or by the pool … it was very enjoyable and I had a great time to just be with Joy and the kids. We jumped waves, built sandcastles, played in the pool, and had some quality R&R.

I began reading an incredible book by Andy Stanley called Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future. I was wow’d by the first three chapters, and concluded there was no need to read any further until I re-read the first three chapters, made some notes, and answered some questions. This book addressed a lot of things I’ve been “searching for”, and it is the 3rd resource that I’ve tackled this year that is telling me the SAME THING over and over – sheez – you’d think I’d start to listen!

At any case – Saturday afternoon was a great delight as I watched our beloved UGA – Georgia Bulldogs clobber LSU in an important SEC football game (yeah – I’m a huge GA fan!). Then Heidi (the worship leader at CRCHH) came over and graciously watched our kids so Joy and I could have a wonderful date out for dinner.

Sunday morning was a wonderful time of ministry – it was simple, intimate, and fruitful. I was ministering without a band, so I simply led from the keyboard – we opened with a few common, upbeat songs and then took a break for some local church announcements, baby dedication, prayers, etc. Then, I led the church in more worship, and brought a message from the Word about “not giving up” or “getting discouraged” when you don’t get the fruit, harvest, or reward that you think you’ve earned. Maybe I can post more on this in a different entry – it was an encouraging word for me, and although I was hesitant about breaking the “sweet flow” of music & worship, I felt that God’s people at CRCHH really needed this word – and discovered afterwards that it was “right on” for them. Praise God for His faithfulness.

Oh well – back to St. Simons, the studio, tne computer, and the routine … but may your life and routine (as well as my own) be filled with the Lord Jesus, and the evidence of His Holy Spirit at work within you.

For the Kingdom,