Give Thanks

Hey ya’ll,

I write this from Gainesville, GA – – – home of my wife’s parents. It’s not Saint Simons Island weather here, today – I think the temperature is just about 32 (freezing). I didn’t even bring a jacket, but the boys are determined to stay outside on the trampoline all day long.

Thanksgiving Holiday was yesterday. I’ve taken the time to reflect on all the many things that I should be thankful for. The list is endless, that’s for sure.

Just a few things to mention, though:

I’m GRATEFUL to be born again – that the Holy Spirit of God moved upon me to help me see my need for Christ.
I’m GRATEFUL for a Godly wife and beautiful, healthy children.
I’m GRATEFUL for my parents and family as well as my wife’s parents and family – all who love the Lord.
I’m GRATEFUL that I was brought up in a Christian home with both of my parents being there for me when I needed them.
I’m GRATEFUL to have a nice home on a wonderful Island in southern Georgia.
I’m GRATEFUL to be healthy, and that I can hear out of my left ear even though a previous surgery could have taken that away.
I’m GRATEFUL for my church, my Pastor, and leadership who supports my role as a Worship Leader and that of a business owner.
I’m GRATEFUL for the friends and mentors God’s placed in my life to sharpen and encourage me for the Kingdom.
I’m GRATEFUL for our soldiers who are fighting and risking their lives for our security, freedoms, and safety.
I’m GRATEFUL to live in America.

Like I said – I could go on and on. So could you. If you didn’t take time to reflect, I encourage you to do it. God is good – all the time. May He bless you greatly as we move into the end of the year and this holiday season.

For the Kingdom,


Hey Ya’ll –

Well it’s finally FRIDAY. I took my time getting ready this morning, and since I’d slept in a bit, I had my “quiet time” in one of my favorite places – our big ole’ tub!

I have been looking forward to a “let’s get some things wrapped up today prior to the holiday week” kind of day, and I hope it will still be like that.

Got up to the studio and there’s this message flashing … some person I’ve never heard of calling about some internet issues. It seems that this person is getting flooded with virus-infected spam from one of the many users of our hosting company. The caller goes on to say “it looks like somebody is using your server to send spam and viruses.

Haven’t even made my coffee yet, so needless to say – I let out a big, deep sigh and shake my head.

Then I say, out loud – “God, it seems every new day starts with some new challenge” .. and no sooner than I say that, I hear in my spirit (and say back) …. “and that’s why every new day must start with You”.

Simple, but true – as we used to say in the mid 80’s … “Hello!”

For the Kingdom,