And The Winner Is …

Hey Ya’ll –

Well, just a quick note … what a GREAT weekend we had “back home”.

My niece, Brittany (oldest daughter of my oldest brother, Billy) was voted the Homecoming Queen! And her sister, Brooke was the freshman rep, as mentioned in my earlier post … check out this pic of these great gals. We were all proud, needless to say.

Oh – the parade – what a blast. here’s a pic of the boys eagerly waiting for the parade to pass by – and yes … we got a bucket-load of candy … even a few strawberry bonbons, which JM forfeited to his Daddy.

That’s all for now … keep pressin’ on for the Kingdom.



Hi Friends –

Remember “homecoming” at High School? Parades, dances, football games, and all the activity that surrounds. (kinda brings back memories of getting out of school early all week, and staying out late in some barn in the country turning a flatbed trailer into a beautiful parade float covered with pink, Charmin toilet-paper flowers that would rival any Macy’s Day float ever made.) (not)

We’re pulling out in a few minutes to go to McRae, GA for not just any homecoming – a very special one indeed. Both of my oldest brother’s daughters are on the Telfair County High School homecoming court. Woo-Hoo! Brittany is a senior representative, and Brooke is the freshman rep. No surprise – they are both beautiful, have gorgeous personalities, and love Jesus.

All Jon Michael can talk about is the “parade where they throw candy on the street” … so he’s sure to get a mouth full. Then again, if they throw out any of those strawberry bon-bon candies, I may have to wrestle him for them.

OK – hope you at least smiled in hearing a blast from the past …. a reflective moment from the redneck days of growing up in rural, Middle/South Georgia!

May the best gal win, and go mighty Trojans!

For the Kingdom,