Let the Music Play

Hi Friends –

What a great time I’ve had in recent days. It’s amazing how things that could really “matter” to us are hidden away. Even more amazing is how God works in our lives to help us discover these things. Here’s my story …

So I’m wanting to get serious about making a new piano recording … I go to visit Kevin at our local piano store to discuss the option of possibly renting a concert grand for a week so I can start work. After all, that’s what I did when I recorded my “Be Glorified CD” many years ago. Kevin suggests that I visit a lady from Canada who has built a “really nice studio” at her house on Saint Simons Island. Sure .. why not!?

So long story short (yeah, right Fred …) … I visit Barbara and her studio. Let’s just say the studio is INCREDIBLE. In addition to all the best mics, outboard gear, and accessories, she’s got this awesome Yamaha grand piano. So, let the recording and playing begin.

More details at a later date, possibly – but for now – I was able to track one of my favorite compositions, “Extravagant Love”. Far from perfect and still in need of practice, you can listen to it here … it’s a hi-fi MP3 file. Yeah, yeah, yeah – there are mistakes – we were just experimenting. But I’m very pleased with the overall sound of the piano. We used very high quality mics, a high-quality mic preamp, and went straight into ProTools with no EQ, effects, or other processing … pure, clean, acoustic piano. Ahh .. it was fresh!

I’m also excited about a new compositon entitled “Expereience Vellano”.(take a listen to a rough, practice version) The theme (aka “motif”) was composed by Davy Fisher for the introduction music on a website called … you guessed it … ExperienceVellano.Com, which is an upscale residential community in Vellano, California. Jon Michael heard that melody playing one day when I had the site up on the internet, and he never stops asking to hear it now. So, thanks to Davy Fisher, he’s allowed me to collaborate on the tune and record it for my upcoming album.

Hope you enjoy the sneak previews – nothing is final (oh yeah – vellano was recorded on my keyboard – not the new piano studio), but I’d love your input if you like the songs!

Well – it’s time to go sing to my boys who are in the tub!

Good night!