Back to Work

Hi Friends –

Thanks to all of you who inquired about the trip to Midland, TX. The concert was glorious, and we really had a great time. I met several new friends and artists, and it was incredible to see how God would mold us together – 4 different pianists from 4 different churches, denominations, and styles. I always enjoy going to other churches and experiencing the “kingdom” from a different perspective.

This week, it’s back to work. I have several upcoming ministry dates where I could be leading worship alone – without a band (gasp) … so I’m finally motivated to dig into some of the new technology that exists for adding a “virtual band” to my lineup – I’m working in both Ableton Live application and Propellerhead’s “Reason” software to get “up to speed” on bringing a “band” with me on my laptop. It seems technology has come a long way since I used to “sequence” MIDI files on my old Korg 01/W Pro.

Finally – a great post was just added to our
Worship Blog at HighestPraise.Com … it’s called “Intimacy with God” by John Savage – a friend of mine who is now ministering in Israel as a psalmist and intercessor. I’d encourage you to read it if you have time.

For the Kingdom,

Off to Midland

Hi Friends –

Well, unless the latest Hurricane (Ivan) interferes, I’ll be leaving in the morning for Midland, TX. Joined with Henry King, the Minister of Music at First United Methodist Church of Dublin, GA, I’ll be flying out of Savannah, GA to Atlanta, and then on to Houston, and finally, Midland-Odessa. Of course, this flight path is straight through the middle of Hurricane Ivan … woo hoo. I’m sure Delta can fly higher … I hope, at least.

We’ll be going to St. Luke’s United Methodist Church where we’ll perform this Sunday afternoon at 5:00 PM in a concert featuring four grand pianos, pipe organ, and who knows what else. I was privileged to be one of the pianists at this event in Dublin, GA in January of this year, and this will be my second performance with the team.

Henry was my youth pastor and music minister back when I was a teenager, growing up in the First UMC of McRae, GA. He wasn’t there but a few years at most and we never stayed in touch. Then, as they needed to get a new pianist for the Dublin concert in January, he felt as if the Lord led him to find out where I was. Well, he found me here on St. Simons Island, invited me to play, and now we’re touring this concert together.

Please pray for our concert and safety of the trip, and of course, my precious family while I’m gone.

For the Kingdom,
Fred F. McKinnon