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Peace Like A River [Episode 251, January 19, 2021]

“Peace Like A River” – Calm, Peaceful Piano Instrumental Improvisation Today’s interlude is a slow, lyrical, expressive solo piano improvisation. I started with a C2 chord, thinking I would be in C, but the melody landed me into the Key of G. I was a bit rushed this morning but I felt the world slow…

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Calm The Soul [Episode 250, January 16, 2021]

“Calm the Soul” – Solo Piano Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, Worship, Reflection, Relaxation Today is Saturday, January 16th. I don’t often record on Saturday mornings but I woke up with some tension in my spirit and felt this was one of the best ways to soothe my soul. I’ve had this tension in my…

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Trust [Episode 249, January 12, 2021]

“Trust” – Solo Piano Improvisation for Prayer, Meditation, Reflection, Relaxation As the sun set on the final days of 2020, we entered 2021 with much hope and anticipation. It hasn’t taken long to realize that 2021 is already full of its own opportunities to stress, worry, and be anxious. Personally, I would be hopeless if…

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