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Worship Interludes: Are You Weary? [Episode 43, July 18, 2017]

Are you weary?   I love this great photo courtesy of Pexels.Com.   This guy looks like he’s just about to give up.  He can’t take it anymore.  Just pull over, stop it all, and crash.

I’ll be honest.  July has been a very difficult month for me.  Where God is opening new doors, He is closing familiar ones.  Even today, in the past hour, I’ve been faced with frustrations and agonizing disappointments.   I hold my head high, but I’ll be honest, I’m weary.

Jesus spoke in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.   (NIV)

There is a rest when we find peace.   So in the hectic pace of my routine and my day, after managing some chaos and disappointment in my business-life, what did I do?  I turned to the source of Peace.   For me, that is in my relationship with Jesus Christ.    I prayed and played this interlude.   I recognize that there are many who listen to this music who are not of the Christian faith.   I hope that this music will still impact you in a significant way as you face your own trials and disappointments.


Regimen Training and Worship Leading – Part 5

Welcome to the final post in my series on “What Regimen Training Taught Me as a Worship Leader”.  If’ you’ve missed the series, back up and see these other entries:

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Part 5:  Encouragement Matters

In the last entry I talked about teaching.  The teaching is critical but it’s not enough.  You have to have encouragement.  In the trenches when the sweat is pouring, the body is resisting, and the mind is telling you there’s nothing left, it’s that encouraging word that pulls you through.

A good fitness trainer will challenge you in your routine, correct you when you’re wrong, and encourage you when you are doing it right. But how can we apply that to worship leading?

So far these teachings have primarily applied to how we (as leaders) interact with our congregations.  Today I want to focus on how we interact with our teams.  How often do you encourage them?

Keep in mind that the majority of us work with volunteers who have already been bossed around all day and have endured stress and anxiety at the work place.  The last thing they need as they volunteer in the band or tech team is to feel the same way.  Encourage your team.  Build them up.  When they play well, acknowledge it.  When they seem frustrated or overwhelmed with a part, encourage them.

Take this beyond words.  I’d encourage you to have a box of stationary in your desk so that you can mail a letter from time to time … you know, write it, stuff it in an envelope, place a stamp on it, and put it in that old thing called a mailbox.

Don’t let this stop with your band.  There is a tech team that makes everything work; yet, they are usually acknowledged only when something goes wrong.

Can this apply to our congregations as well?  Of course it can.  As you notice those who seem to really connect with the worship, make a point to encourage them.  Tell them that seeing them worship and engage encourages you and spurs you on as a leader.  In the same way, with sensitivity, you may approach someone who is obviously struggling.  Pull them aside and give them an encouraging word – tell them how glad you are they came and ask if there’s anything you can pray with them about.

I know this.  When I’m on my last pushup … and my body screams it can’t do another … all it takes is Eric or Matt standing over me saying “c’mon Fred, you can do it, one more” and I push it out.  You can too.

That’s a wrap for this series.  I hope it’s been helpful for you.  I’d love to see your comments, so chat it up!

About the Photo:
Another shot by Chris Moncus Photography, who was hired to take some pictures in Summer 2009 during some of our East Beach workouts.  This is a great group, many of whom are still attending the regimen workout classes on East Beach.  For more info on the “Regimen” training, visit Taylor Made Training.