Now Streaming Live on YouTube

Hey there friends,

I’ve got a couple of exciting things to announce and hope that you’ll enjoy these new ways to enjoy my piano music.

First, I’ve started doing some “live” events on my YouTube Channel.  Some of these will be scheduled and others are spontaneous.  I’ll be leading some times of instrumental worship from the keys for soaking, prayer, meditation, and relaxation.   Hey, I may even take some requests!

To be notified of these “live” events, be sure you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel.    See the screenshot below to help you get subscribed (click the image to view it full size)

Finally, I wanted you to know that I’ve started compiling many of my worship interlude instrumentals into a playlist on YouTube so that you can play them back-to-back for continuous play.   Not every interlude is on Apple Music, Pandora, or Spotify so this is a great way to access a longer playlist for your prayer times.

Below is a link to the current Worship Interludes Playlist on YouTube:

My hope is that this music blesses you.  I’m so happy to hear that so many of you are using this music in so many ways, including:

  • for quiet times and personal prayer
  • for meditation
  • for soaking worship, contemplation
  • for studying
  • for relaxation
  • for sleeping and rest

If this music has been a blessing to you, please pass along these links so that others can enjoy it as well.

Grateful for you,
Fred McKinnon

Worship Interludes: A New Beginning [Episode 53, October 16, 2017]

There are two things that I appreciate and both have similar meanings:

  1. sunrises
  2. Monday mornings

Yes, you read that correct – Monday mornings.  Most people absolutely hate the thought of Monday morning.   But for me, much like the sunrise, it’s the signal of a new day, a new week, a new chance.

As I recorded this interlude this morning I took some time to journal, pray, and reflect on what I wanted a new week to look like.  I set some goals spiritually, physically, and practically.

As you start your new week, I hope you’ll take some time to consider these things and set some time to listen to this interlude and dream.

Have a great week!

Worship Interludes: Storms [Episode 42, July 12, 2017]

For those who read the show notes, I’m grateful.   You’ll begin seeing that these instrumental interludes are part of my life.  I play them first for me, for my own times of devotion, prayer, meditation .. and then share them with the world.   As a result, if you follow along closely you can see the thread of my life in these interludes, much like a personal diary.

This interlude is called “Storms”.   The past week has been a week of storms in my life.  I’ve had some serious issues in my business that were very painful.  At the same time, I’ve been battling sickness in my body and have not felt good for over a week.   The combined stress of the business struggle, the erratic schedule of a holiday week, combined with getting sick has me somewhat struggling.

That’s why there haven’t been new interludes since July 4th.   But I’m back.   I’m here today to play, to worship, to share, to be vulnerable.   This interlude, “Storms” is for all those who are in the storms of life.

The overwhelming majority of my interludes are recorded in “one take”.   I started this one at least three or four times and at once point just banged the keys out of frustration.   That’s where I am.

Even still, I find peace and comfort in playing this music and sharing it with the world.   Because even in the storms, I have the Prince of Peace inside of me.