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FreePlay Friday Logo by Russ Hutto -

FreePlay Friday Logo by Russ Hutto -

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Hey Everyone, it’s “FreePlay Friday” (view all “FreePlay Friday” Posts) … the day where I post whatever I want, on whatever topic(s) I want, with no regard to whether or not it does (or doesn’t) apply to the main theme of this blog, which is worship, worship leadership, church life, and music. What makes “FreePlay Friday” so much fun is that I want YOU to participate by either commenting on my topics or by entering your own, totally random “FreePlay Friday” thoughts in the comments section of the blog. So all you hundreds of RSS Readers need to just click on over now and finish the post on the site so you can participate. (please?)

Just in case you missed it … you do NOT want to miss it.  (ignore the music, please).  Watch this video,  You’ve probably already heard of this thing, but this is our church, our people, our testimonies.  Get some Kleenex.


Mayan Palace Resort, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Mayan Palace Resort, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

In just 48 hours, I’ll be boarding our flight to the Pacific Coast of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

OUR = Me and my gorgeous wife, Joy.

KIDS = Staying home with Nana and Grandad (wow, thanks)

LENGTH OF STAY = Sunday, 21st – Sunday, 28th

MISSION – Major Fun, Rest, and Relaxation
(and fun includes _____________)

Joy and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in August and this is our 10-year Honeymoon Trip. We’ve not been away for more than 4-5 days together WITHOUT KIDS since our first one was born 8 years ago. From what I can tell, the units don’t have wifi or internet, but there is a “Cyber Cafe”. I’m sure it’s $ pricey. That being said, I’ll be taking next week OFF from blogging and twittering. (don’t call or text please, Verizon has us covered for cell phones and text, but at $1.99/minute, $.50/outgoing text, and $.05/incoming text)


Though I’ll be taking a break, “Sunday Setlists” will still be in action. I’ll find a way to post them and to get the “Mr. Linky” widget enabled for all you peeps out there! If I can get on the internet relatively inexpensively, I may do a Vacation-Edition of “FreePlay Friday” as well.


Lastly – two cool freebie resources I’d like to share with you:

1. Free Wallpaper Graphics for your Laptop:
Chris Moncus (Associate Tech Director at SSCC, Long-time Friend, Co-Worker, and the dude I call on for all my graphic, photography, and web design needs) has a category on his blog where he offers free downloads of wallpaper graphics (for your desktop on your computer). Check them out and spruce up your desktop!

2. Pure Praise – A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship
Dwayne Moore (we met at the National Worship Leader Conference in Austin, TX this Summer) is offering a free copy of his devotional book, “Pure Praise”. This is a limited time offer. The book has some hefty endorsements including Darlene Zschech (Hillsong), Mark Hall (Casting Crowns), Rick Muchow (Saddleback), Julie Reid (Worship Leader Magazine), and many more! What are you waiting for? Go get it! (wait … AFTER you leave your FreePlay Friday comment, that is!)

Ok, it’s bon voyage for me … so let me get your comment love below – comment on anything you like, express your own “FreePlay Friday” randomness below … let’s have some community.