Worship Interludes: Persisting [Episode 39, June 29. 2017)

Today as I recorded this interlude I thought about persistence.   Just like the force of the water in this beautiful photo (courtesy of Pexels.Com), persistence is a necessary force when we are striving for the goals that we have.

Whether these are goals in prayer, business, personal, or family life, it’s easy to give up.  It’s easy to lose heart.   I believe that we persistence is key.

This interlude is in the Key of Em and features a recurring motif of “minor 9” chords.  They persist throughout but small melodies begin to appear as the theme is developed.   As you listen, meditate, or pray, I hope that you’ll be reminded of those areas where you need persistence.   Ask for strength and continue to press forward!

PS:  special week on the Worship Interludes podcast, we crossed the 20,000 iTunes downloads this week and continue to grow in countries across the world!

Worship Interludes: Overcome Evil with Good [Episode 37, June 19, 2017]

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)

This morning as I spent a little time having my own prayer, meditation, and devotion time I was reminded of the passage in Romans 12:21 quoted above.  As I look around the world I can see so much hurt, pain, disappointment, and suffering.   Evil abounds and it sometimes leaves it’s mark on us … with rejection, pain, sorrow, and various emotions that take their toll on mankind.

We are faced with a decision on how we are to respond.   Will we respond with evil intent … spite, manipulation, and pain … or will we respond with good?   I believe with all of my being that responding with good is the way to overcome evil.   Yes, evil must be addressed, it must be disciplined, it must be called out for what it is, but even in that truth our personal response should be to overcome it with good.

My hope is that as you listen to this interlude you can reflect on any ways that you’ve been impacted by evil.  Perhaps you are hurt by someone you love or you’ve been a victim of a crime.  Perhaps you’ve been violated in a way that makes it hard to respond with grace or forgiveness.   I hope that as you listen you can release those wounds, find forgiveness, and respond with good.

Worship Interludes: Waiting [Episode 36, June 14, 2017]

Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.   When you’re patiently (or impatiently) waiting … stay the course.   I know there are things deep down in your soul that you are waiting to see fulfilled.  Stay the course.

I hope you enjoy this episode.  It was a nice motif on a pentatonic idea I started with that just developed with big “tenth interval” chords in m left hand.  It’s my favorite sound.